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Sunday, January 27, 2013

January Riding

Where does the time go? It's almost February already.  I'm 10 miles shy of hitting my average for January mileage and a tenth or two off my usual January pace. And I've deliberately tried to slow down! My friend Max is on the mend from some cardiac stents and has to keep his pulse fairly low. To do this we went on a very relaxing 32 miler together yesterday. We left the fast folks at home. You know what? I can't remember enjoying a ride more recently. As we finished up, I felt hardly exercised. We were plenty fast enough for a rando ride, as long as we didn't dally off the saddle much. I really need to remember this the next time I go for a brevet. Plan the ride out ahead at the pace I want to ride, and let the horses run on ahead. Ride my ride, and enjoy the ride, right. Here we are on an overcast and cool day, coming up to an intersection. A friend passing by in his car stopped to snap the picture.

I had two layers of merino on under that jacket and never felt over dressed. Today was much nicer since the Sun came out.  It was the relaxer ride to the Gump and a couple of really good street corner musicians were playing kind of bluesy folk rock.  I put a dollar in the guitar case and snapped this picture.

It was just our usual Sunday ride but made special by having local friend Ron back with us. Ron has been off the bike since a traffic mishap about a year ago. Good to have him back and he did just fine.  Both the Saluki yesterday and Rambouillet today felt very comfortable. Rivendell just makes some good riding bikes.  Looking at January, I've gotten 9 rides in, 3 on each of those and 3 on the Rivendell Road. And that wasn't even planned!

Sharon has been on two beginner rides with us this month, and needs to come more often. Her new knees seem good to go for that.

Work has been a bear this month. Our sales manager describes market conditions as "brutal" and I don't think he exaggerates much. It takes FOREVER to close a deal, and contractors keep picking and picking to try and pry even more from you. We sold a job this week that was originally quoted last April. We have to update a price for a project pending since last July when I get back in tomorrow. And so on.  There were 3 work related funerals this past week too, Two were relatives of co workers and one WAS a co worker. We're a small company so even the people I am not close to, I know well enough. I turned in my December estimates this weekend, and will find out how we think we did for the year. I know it was a hard year. Not enough demand, No room for errors. Hopefully things will improve.

This month we added a dog to our family. Sharon named her Stella, because she wanted a good "shouting" name. She seems to be "our" dog as she spends time with both of us. Shy and fearful at first, she has relaxed an opened up nicely. She likes walks and time at the city dog park. Fetch never gets old for her either. She's about 11 months old, and seems a mix of chocolate lab and britany spaniel. Very pretty dog and quite smart. She came from neighbors Mike & Melissa who treated her well, but who could just not fit her into the scheme of their other pets. I thanked Mike today and told him that we liked her very well and it seems a win - win situation for both our families. Here we are, bonding.

Stella and I have become walking buddies. Usually at least 2 miles a day. Over 3 today.

I guess that's it for now. Hope everyone has had a good start to their year.

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