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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mid Summer Beginner Ride

We don't usually have beginner rides in the Summer. "Here's your chance to sweat in high heat and humidity" is not a great advertising slogan for new cyclists. Lanna emailed this week though about setting up a ride for today and it worked out for a few of us. It wasn't that bad after all, weather wise, and I wouldn't mind doing it again if there is interest in the next couple of weeks.

5 riders pulled out of Village Green Park and went on a 16 mile out and back (we averaged 12 mph) to the Elmore store on mostly flattish pavement today. Welcome to brand spanking new rider Chelsea (a lovely incoming 11th grader) and first time with us rider, Brian ("Lastonein" on Brian was on a great old fully lugged steel Dave Scott Ironman frame too. Gotta love it. Also back was recent beginner Jackie M (Jackie O bowed out due to a conflict). Chelsea's mom, Lanna who has been with us many times, rounded out the party. Here are some pictures. Brian's wife, Michelle is an ace photographer. If you see these, Michelle, remember I shot them from the saddle of a rolling bicycle. Without all the fancy gizmos that your camera has too. Brian and Michelle are talented musically as well. She was the honcho of our VBS and sings in the choir, and he was one of our guitar picking song leaders for an army of little kidlets. The VBS was a success, due to their efforts and that of many others, but I'm glad to say we closed the book on this year's edition last night. Now I can just go back to teaching Sunday School. Gideon is up tomorrow. You like your fleece wet or dry? I'll take mine in wool, thank you very much...

No singing or playing music, but everyone enjoyed roadside entertainment of another sort today as I couldn't remember how to convert my frame pump head from Presta to Shrader to put some air in Jackie's tire. Eventually, "Oh yeah! This piece has to come out and turn around!" occurred to me and we finished the pit stop and got back on the road. My cyling computer was on the fritz today, so as usual, I enjoyed the ride a whole lot more. I really need to toss that thing and just ride. Something about listening to your body instead of staring at a stupid screen. But no, I went to Wal-Mart and bought a battery....

The cicadas were in song, cows stayed on their side of the fences and the dogs were well mannered. And has anyone else noticed how rich the color of the crape myrtles is this year? Temps were in the 70s to start, but in the 90s by the time I made it back to Prattville.

I'm glad to report that all beginners arrived back alive and said that they were going to ride again! Our area has a high turn over of riders due the military transfers in and out of the school at our local base, so I like to get locals to become involved as well. Longer term memebers help with stability.

I wore a wool cycling cap today under my helmet for the 1st time. A gal in Portland hand sews these in a variety of patterns and colors. I have to say that hands down, it beats any other cap I've tried for sweat management. No, it's NOT hot because it's wool either. If anyone is interested, I can give them contact info. I ordered 2 more for myself. Salt in my eyes is a major issue every summer and this was a real help. No problems at all after 3 hours out there (I added miles to the beginner ride both coming and going.) A wool Rivendell jersey and wool Ibex shorts made it an all wool wear day. Okay, no more about wool for a while. Hey, is that a moth over there?

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