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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Calm Before the Storm

The weather forecast for next Monday and Tuesday is awful. High winds, frosty temps and maybe even snow. Snow is not common in south central Alabama. A light dusting can really wreck havoc with daily life. It's certainly not good for biking. Today was much nicer though, and tomorrow (Sunday) should also be very nice. There was a good turnout of both Regular club and Lite club riders in Pintlala today to catch the decent weather while we could.

Bilee asked Patty how many Gu packets to pack prior to their Club Regular run. When Patty yelled "Three!" back over her shoulder as she headed to the store across the street, Bilee turned and confided to me that it was not a good sign when Patty asked for three. She thought she might better pack only two and then one of something that Patty wouldn't really like. Then Bilee could suggest they head back and make a store stop. Who knew all the planning that goes into a Club Regular ride? I asked her when we might see Wendell again, and she said he was really swamped at work so it might be a while. I think he's just cold weather averse.

I didn't do a headcount, but Dan and Vanessa, Mike S, and Bill were there to join Patty and Bilee. There too was Slamy Sammy in the flesh! We reintroduced ourselves, and Sammy made his usual witty remarks about my retro looking bike ("You should have been riding in 1953!), the wool outfit, etc. Sammy has a very quick and penetrating wit. I truly have missed him. I told him that I thought of him while hitting one of his Taco Bell drive thrus. He encouraged me to eat a lot there and eat often. Bill asked if my wool jersey was sporting German national colors. Not intentionally, if they are. It's a Nike wool jersey, off Ebay. If I missed anyone else who rode in the quiker group, it's not intentional.

Our little group had Joe, Mike G, John  and me. We did a 30 mile turn over all rollers, all the time.Here's a picture of our typical landscape.

 The ride was nice enough to look at and the dogs stayed pretty much away from us. Some woman came out on her porch and yelled (impressively loudly!) at her dog to stop chasing us. Either that, or she was calling, "Joe! Joe! you get in here!" Joe was the first of us to pass her place, and he does look very fetching in his tights. Who knows if she was calling Joe or if the dog's name was similar sounding?  Joe tried to say she meant someone else, but none of us was buying it.

Mike stayed upright on his bike today at all times. In fact, he mentioned that the past several rides, he has been able to do this. We chatted about compact vs standard cranksets, and doubles vs triples, and generally enjoyed the chit chat. Here are Mike and John doing some of that instead of hustling up a hill.

Not only are they eerily pedaling in synchonized cadence, with hands on the same handlebar position, they are wearing matching eyeglass/helmet mirrors. I find it difficult to get away with any pranks behind them anymore. That won't stop me from trying though. Also, if you look closely, you'll see that John's helmet colors match Mike's cycling outfit. Who were those twins in The Matrix Reloaded?

We finished our ride feeling well exercised. Especially me. After missing rides from sickness and weather, I wasn't sure if I could even turn the pedals anymore. As it was, we did the ride in the middle ground of our advertised pace, and I am looking forward to riding tommow afternoon. Plenty of time before that football game to get in some miles!


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