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Friday, September 11, 2009

Rearview Mirror

It occurs to me that while we never see ourselves from behind, that is how others often do. In all the Glassner pictures of prior years that Gary has on his website, my only pictures are from the back side. Most of them from this year's ride are the same way. It was this picture from behind taken by Mike on a club ride in June that pushed me back into Atkins mode:


I liked the one in the prior entry a lot better, taken two weeks ago on the club workers ride.  Here are a couple from Glassners. These are both at Le Tour de Rest STop, which was Rest Stop #1 in 2006 - 8 on right, and Rest Stop #2 this year.


I'll be riding tomorrow over in Albany GA (Pecan City Nut Roll). If anyone takes a picture from the back, I'll update this post with it later. Btw, thanks to Patty for noticing at the ride check in table that I'm now smaller than I was.

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