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Saturday, April 10, 2010

This 'n That

Last Sunday, I led a club beginner ride and we had a couple of new faces along for the ride. A 13 year old who was very pleasant to have around and who could easily ride farther and faster than we were doing, and a woman who was in town from Mobile, visiting a local pal who is a club member. We just did the out and back to the Holley Store in Elmore and it was a lovely day to be out for a ride.

Tuesday, we rode the Indian Hills - Wadsworth Loop circuit and had 8 come out for what turned out to be a great outing. Plenty of hills to climb, good company, and I had legs to get up all of the climbs, without getting too tired. I like it!

Rained Thursday, so I went with Sharon to a team captain meeting of the Millbrook "Relay For Life." SHE is the church team captain, and I have been drafted as her adjutant. So far, not much momentum from the church people but we have a few weeks yet.

Today, I went down to Dothan (a 2 1/2 hr drive) to ride in "Peddalin' For a Cure." It was the 1st edition of that ride there and they did a bang up job. Excellent routes offering a variety of scenery and well marked. Even potholes and upcoming stretches of rough pavement were marked so there were no surprises. I rode the 65 mile option. The 1st and last thirds were hilly, while the middle part seemed flatter to me. The climbs were almost all in the 6% - 9% grade range. Total elevation gain was 2,737' according to the Garmin. The last big one was a work out. You come to it at 50 miles and it goes up for what seemed like forever. Wind was only a factor towards the end, when I was beginning to tire a little, and it kicked up a little in intensity. Rest stops were only 12 miles apart, so you can stop or skip it and know another one was not too far away. Good selection of stuff to eat, including honey and peanutbutter sandwiches, marathon bars, fruits and some candies. I stayed with my granola bars and the 9g of sugar marathons. My new mix of 1/4 tsp of salt in with a bottle of Nuun or Propel worked great today. Not a sign of a cramp anywhere! To mix up on the road, 2 packets of fast food salt = 1/4 tsp. If you can't find salt for your to go burgers, you know where to look. The volunteers were plentiful and extremely nice. The only thing I would change about the rest stops is moving the Port-a-lets farther away from the food table. The last rest stop was set up well this way, the others, too close. I only stopped once to take a picture. We travelled through several towns I had never heard of. Slocumb, Dundee and Clayhatchee to name a few. But when we came to Wicksburg (NOT Vicksburg) I had to snap this picture:


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