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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Graduation Ride

Two of our recent beginnners were ready to spread their wings and fly, even if they didn't know it yet. Toward that end, I posted a relaxer/beginner ride using a well known club Lite route over at the John Hall store. Deb and Susan came, as did Tim and Ron. Jeff showed up briefly to say he was landscaping manager in his yard for the day, but all is forgiven as he handed me a bag of handlebar tape he had tried and disliked. It will not go to waste. He also pedaled a few turns on my bike and pronounced the mustache bars "good." Tim was just getting back on the bike after a Winter layoff, but has been running so his cardio is in good order. A half-marathon awaits next weekend, so he has been really RUNNING. Ron pedaled over from Prattville, so his total miles for the day tallied up around 150. Quite a feat considering he rocks a 100 lb behemoth of a toally gadgetized and tricked out bike. He says it's all in the gears, but I think it's something else.

Ron and Tim





















We were slightly delayed as Susan had a flat tire caused when she tore off the valve insert of the front tube. No tools, no pump, but she did have a spare tube. Wasn't sure she knew how to change it, so I did a "demo." At least it was the front. The ride was very good. A stiff headwind going out, and of course a dandy of a spanker breeze coming back. Deb's take on the return was "This is SWEET."  Yes ma'am, I agree.  Here she is in fact.

Deb on her Specialized Vita






















Both Susan (who had to peel off and get to another place) and Deb did great and are fully fledged from beginner rides, unless they just want to come and ride. Tim and Ron just enjoyed the ride. Not a single dog! Great.  I rode the '79 Nashbar (by Maruishi) with a new Selle Anatomica saddle on. The former owner tried to make it wife-friendly by drilling lace holes and drawing the sides close together to make a narrower seat. That had the unintended effect of turning the center slot up which cuts into you very badly. No wonder she hated it!  I tossed the laces and let the saddle go back to natural shape. It was great.

In other news, I've been exercising pretty much on schedule (which you DM people are bored to death with reading about, I know) and am at goal for chin ups (50 total), sit ups (300 total), push ups (300 total), and pull ups (50 total.) I still lack on planks where I have hit 9:30, but am now back at 8:15. Goal is 10:00. And I could still use to lose a bit of winter waist. The mountain bike picture confirms that for me.

While I was whining about lack of miles so far in 2011, a tally of Jan + Feb shows more miles this year than EVER before for the beginning of a year. Maybe it will be a good riding year after all.

Have a great week one and all.




Janice in GA said...

Nice. Wish I could ride with y'all. I'd get dropped because I'm slow, but I'm OK with that. :)

Fully Lugged said...

You'd be fine. We ride at the pace of the most relaxed rider. Some rides a few mph faster or slower on avg, depending on who comes out and how peppy we feel. Rule of thumb for beginner accompanied outings is 10 mph, well in your range.

Dove said...

Hey! I see Tim! I've ridden with Tim before. Be sure to tell him I said hello the next time you see him. And be careful, he brakes HARD for turtles. :)

Jason said...

I remember the night I "graduated" from the beginner rides. I was a faithful attender of our Tuesday night beginner group. This group would ride around 12-15 miles at a pace of 9-12mph. I would also go on several rides each week by myself. My individual rides, and the group beginner rides, all featured flat roads and lots of neighborhoods. On a particular Tuesday night beginner ride, a group of 4 seasoned riders showed up. I was the only beginner and was a little embarassed to voice my opposition to the route they suggested. Instead of turning off and heading out on my own, I figured I would ride along as far as I could and then turn away or push my bike up a hill if it came to that. I guess it was adrenaline, or maybe just pride, but I hammered up the big hill on the ride and even made it to the top ahead of two of the seasoned riders. That moment was empowering beyond imagination. From that point, I have never shied away from a challenge and continue to seek out hills. You never know how much you can accomplish until you step out of your comfort zone.

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