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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Out Like a Lion

March this year was a reverse of the adage. It was warm and lovely early on, and cold, rainy and wet at the end. April however, started off with a very pleasant weekend, albeit a windy one. After some good hill drills in Prattville this week, Several of us did a sort of relaxer cruise from the Ryan's Restaurant (following a buffet breakfast / mens devotional time) to Slapout and back. Along the way, we picked up 2 riders outside Chain Reaction Cycles in the High Point shopping center. This was Beverly's 1st time out with us, but she fit in just fine. We liked her playlist for sure (heard through her phone) Beverly and Steve

 Here she is with Steve. They have a carboniferous affinity...













Bill is rocking a new Rivendell lugged steel fork on his Salsa. It looks great (cream paint in the fork crown windows) and he says rides that way too. He traded in his old carbon fork to get it. I think it's an instant collector's item. Knowing Rivendell, they'll stop making them quickly, if they haven't already.  Also in the picture;  Max, who is back in fine fettle after a rouge croix period.

Salsa Bill
















After finishing up the 40 miler, I showered, changed and hopped into Frank's car. We motored down to Dothan for today's TriStates charity ride, which supports the Alabama Children's Hospital. I intended to do the century, but my legs were saying "metric" this morning, so I rode that course instead. It's 68 miles in fact, and it's prbably best that I chose it. Prattville pal Curtis was also there, and rode a spanking fast 102 miles at almost 19 mph avg. His sister came down and did the 25 at a more sedate 10 - 12 mph. It was good to meet her. Frank did the century and appeared none the worse for wear. My 68 was at 15.2 avg, which is good for little old me. No cramps at any time was a plus too. From past rides there, I knew the roads were very coarse in long stretches, so I took Pari-Moto 38 mm tires at 65 psi and was pretty glad I did. First ride on a new saddle, but that was okay. Selle Anatomicas are comfy from the get go, but after 50 miles, I was ready to get off the thing.

We started early, registering at 6:00 AM.

unpacking bikes















We were riding at 7:00. I'll post some pics when I get them. I finished up at noon (used up 1/2 an hour watching a know-it-all try to change a tube. He went through 3!) and then hung around for Frank. Music set up was good, free Moe's Southwest Grill food, and the wind which was a pain pulling into on a bike was lovely as it blew by as I lay in the shade under an oak tree on the grass. After Frank came back, he grabbed a bite and we hit the road. I got to drive his 5 speed for a while too. But that's another story....

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