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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Keep it Down, will ya?

One of my resolutions that was coincidental to the New Year, was to address dental problem. Although it has never ached, an abscessed molar has been quietly leaching infection and causing lymph node swelling, low grade fever and general lack of zip. I wanted to give my immune system a chance to beat it, then I hoped some anti-biotics would subdue it, but in a pre-holidays visit to the dentist, I was told that only attacking the problem head on would fix it, and was sent off for a root canal. The endodontist   viewed xrays and said, "That tooth needs to come out." He marked my tooth's prognosis as "poor" following any root canal on his records and pointed out areas of infected jawbone and cracked tooth root visible on the film. Ah. lovely. So some anti-biotics to tamp down the nasties until after the holidays and then on Thursday afternoon, the infected impactor came out. My 1st ever tooth extraction, so I had no idea of what to expect.  After getting the pre-printed list of dos and don't and some extra gauze pads, I asked, "What about my Saturday club ride?" Wouldn't that be first on YOUR mind? "Don't go too far and don't strain too hard," was the reply. There is a healing clot of blood in the space formerly occupied by tooth parts and high blood pressure, heavy breathing, or sucking through a camelbak straw can dislodge that helpful natural item and cause a very un healthy and painful condition called "dry socket." After seeing pictures on Google of dry socket, I knew I did not want one in my mouth.

That leads to today's controlled pace ride. 30 ish miles at a slow pace. I was thinking 11 - 13 avg, tops. I brought the Saluki and carried water bottles (can squirt into the mouth) instead of the hydration pack. Surprisingly, the Club Lite gang opted in for this outing and so it was nice to see the Roeders and Jim Rickards up Millbrook way for a change. New guy Rick Mims came out on his just re painted to new colors '74 Raleigh. He's had it since new. Now it looks new again too. Red beauty with chromed accents. Here he is obviously enjoying it.

This was one of three new bikes on the trip today.  Glen Weldon just put together a Windsor Tourist, bought online. Almost the same green as the first run of Sam Hillbornes, or maybe the Redwoods, if you remember them from a half dozen years or so back. Glen spent a fair bit of time along the side of the road re-adjusting as the comfort demands of actual riding registered their complaints with the initial set up. I did wonder, at our mid way store stop, why his right pedal was mounted on the INSIDE of the crankarm though.  Another rider explained, "See, the pedal went on cross threaded, and no he's running it through from the back to chase the threads." That's a new one for me, and I'd have never thought of doing it.  Glen was still mumbling about tweaks he needed to get weight off his wrists, etc. I know it will be dialed in soon. And at least he got that required first forgot to unclip fall out of the way too.  Speaking of falls, everyone was getting comfy with the Earth today it seemed. We had a another new bike and this time a new rider along, 14 yr old Shelby on her MTB. She handled herself well on the bike 99% of the time. Here she is with Frank and Glen:

Notice Glen's skyward pointing brifters. He was trying all sorts of new things for wrist relief. I suggested raising the handlebars and rotating them back to normal.  Anyway, for 1% of the time, Shelby caught the edge of the pavement and it surprised her and she went plop. She bounced up as only the young can and after a red spots check (none) and some water and a rest, we were off again, with no further dirt interactions. She did the entire 34 miles in blue denim jeans. That's extra credit right there.

We saw hawks at very close range today. Temps were PERFECT.   Usual store stops and people chit chatted and I think generally had a nice time. I was able to catch up with John and Kathy Roeder a little. They shared info on a new campsite along the Chief Ladiga trail. It would be great to pedal to near Atlanta GA and back and be able to tent camp along the way.

I got purple bike envy and swapped bikes with Shelby at the 22 mile mark. I was surprised that it did not feel too bad for me, although she immediately could tell the difference when she rode the Saluki. Here I am trying to look cool. Something I will never quite manage, but hope springs eternal.

We had a good time, despite some headwinds coming back in. I felt well today, for the first time in months and had the sense of unlimited energy in the tank. I guess without an active infection site to fight against, you just have more energy to do other things. We'll see on the next outing, for sure!


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