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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Don't think I've forgotten about bicycles

Between being under the weather myself and the generally rainy weather we've had on ride days, my miles have been scarce the past few weeks. I've still been cyclo-centric mentally though. At the request of our Alabama Randonneurs RBA, I've drawn up a 200K brevet, intended for night time use. My working title is "Dusk till Dawn Ride." Watch for it in late Summer. It's been a good time to service the fleet too. 3 new chains, innumerable replaced cables, adjusted shifters, and swapped around wheel sets bear witness to my bike activity. At least in the garage.

There has been a lot of local cycling culture action as well. Montgomery enacted a 3' clear passing rule for drivers around cyclists, prodded by many including the Montgomery Bicycle Club and its members. Prattville has a cycling enthusiasts committee (I'm on it) and an MTB trail development committee (on that one too) to bring a richer two wheel lifestyle to the city. All very exciting stuff, but like any worthwhile endeavor, it takes time, and cooperation.

I hope to see my long lost bike buddies back in action soon. Max is still on the mend from some recent surgery and Ron (pictured in the last entry on the Blackhawk Bike) had a run in with a parked car which he will be some time getting well from, although he is definitely working on it.

This Saturday is our Prattville Mardi Gras parade and the PACE (the city cycling group) will have a detachment of tweeded and beaded riders slowly making their way along the route with the ringing of bells and waving of hands.  Hope to get in some road time as well.

Tailwinds for now!

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