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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Looking For Some Lunch

Earlier this week, Joe reminded us that it is high time to start our ride n' dine season. This is where we pedal somewhere and find food that is not what we can get on any street corner locally. After kicking around some options and making some phone calls to see who would be open and who would not for a Saturday lunch, I posted a ride to Clanton for Smokey T's BBQ. They have baked potatoes and veggies on the menu, so a plant strong eater like me can find something to chow down on while the carnivores consume various animal proteins and cholesterol to their heart's content.

I went to our church men's group (are we demonstrating love in our relationships? Do we need a pat on the back for doing good, or do we do good, because it's the right thing to do? ) breakfast early and then came home, changed and pedaled to the rally point a short way from my home. A quick radar check showed a growing bloom of yellow south of us and flags were standing stiff on the poles in winds also out of the south. Joe, Frank, Max, and Robert were all there waiting for me. They had been doing the loop around Prattville so they had 20 miles in the tank before I arrived. They had no breakfast bar however :)  We talked about the weather and decided we would curtail our plans and go to Deatsville instead of Clanton, a route about 18 miles shorter. It was gray and gloomy all day, but we looked forward to getting in a ride. With a minute and a half to spare, Ray rolled up in his vehicle and got ready in a jiffy. He drove with his bike helmet on, even.

No issues bike wise for anyone today. As usual, I pitched wool clothes and leather saddles. Fearing a deluge, I packed a large saddle bag with complete rain kit, as well as a cable lock for restaurant use. While we rode through some rain, none of it was worth stopping to put the suit on and we never left the bikes long enough to need a lock.

Here we are somewhere in Elmore County. Robert took the picture and has some gunk on the lens.

Joe is on a Sam Hillborne, I've got a Rambouillet, Frank is on a Bilenky. In back are Ray on a Felt and Max on a Trek. Joe is wearing a RedSox jersey. I thought of the Police tune, "Don't stand so close to me." You see, I was born about a mile and a half from Yankee Stadium. Auburn and Alabama fans are bosom buddies compared to Yankee and RedSox patrons.

When we got to the Boy's Store in Slapout, Max Frank and Joe started going on about a banana. I didn't catch it all, but I'm not sure they were all talking about the same thing.

Here we are with Robert  on the right, and Frank taking the picture. No sign of a banana anywhere.

Across the street, the locals were having a spring festival with BBQ, country music, rides for the kids and motorcycle clubs. We went over to check it out and Frank got some BBQ. No veggies for me so I munched on a fruit/nut bar and checked it all out. One the Harley bikes had a sidecar  and the rider was wearing googles that looked a lot like mine. I asked him to take a picture with me.

We did ride in the rain for a brief section of the way back and we had some big head winds. Despite all that, we maintained a decent average and the lack of mechanicals for anyone meant we were home in good order.

I ended up just shy of 50 for the day, while the others had more like 70. But I had breakfast! :)

Happy mother's day to all the mom's


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