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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

I was really pleased to stumble across this picture in a bag of photos that my mom had. Like many of us, she had stashes of pictures that were in bags or boxes and when she died in 1994 I got them because no one else really wanted them. I was looking for a particular picture of my mom for Mother's Day use on FaceBook and the group of photos it was found in also contained this one.
Henry and Howard Herbitter - 1938

This is my grandfather Henry and his youngest son Howard, my dad. It was taken a little ways upstate from NYC in Clinton Corners NY. They summered there in the few years that Henry's hat making business was successful. He was declaring bankruptcy far more often than he was celebrating success over the course of his career. My dad is about 10 in this picture, which would make it circa 1938. Henry died when I was very young, and I only know about him through the recollections of others. I am told he was a severe man, although he looks warm in demeanor here. Dad looks very uncomfortable though, as if he is not accustomed to this side of his father. Dad did not learn much about paternal parenting growing up at home, and I distinctly remember that I wanted to avoid growing up and being like him. And yet, too many times, I have caught myself doing something or saying something just as he would have and regretting it. We were not close when he died in 1996, and I don't know if we could have grown closer given more time. I very much appreciate that my own son loves me and while we will not always agree on issues (he loves to debate, like my dad did, and I do not) we don't let that get in the way of our relationship.
Alex and Alisha and (grandson) Kael surprised me at church today. I was happy to have them sitting next to me. We all came back home afterward and I got to hang around with them before heading out for a Sunday relaxer ride. Alisha needed a nap (as I so often enjoyed at my Mother-in-law's over the years too) and Alex had some pizza. Kael snacked on cheese and then enjoyed the toys his loving Nana keeps handy for him here.
I got in a shorter early ride yesterday, meeting the MMS "C" riders for a 6:00 shove off. Nice people, no big climbs and 31 quick miles. Advertised as a 13 - 15 avg pace group, I will say that I swept the route in back at an avg of 16.3. :)  Then it was back home to mow, dead head hydrangeas, clean up, and meet Ulice at church to head out and distribute some VBS flyers.
Today's bike ride was really nice. Temps in the 80s, and a little breeze. Very sunny. I wore a dri-fit polo shirt and boosucker shorts (bamboo seersucker), and Keen sandals. It doesn't get much more relaxed on a bike. Cindi came with her brand new Felt Z85. Richard got his not long ago and he brought it too. Both of these riders have been coming out on Tuesday and Thursday rides on mountain bikes. They will enjoy their road bikes I am sure. Max and Debbie came and Robert rounded out our group.
Here are the 2 Felts from MMS :
Felt Z 85s

I really stress bike fit and Richard is realizing that his handlebars need to come up. Max and Ray have had success in that area with this gadget:
Delta Cycle Threadless Stem Riser
You put it on your stem and get another 3 1/4" of height available. Cindi's position looks good. It will take some saddle time for her to know what other tweaks she might want.
We pedaled to the Elmore store and had a rest break. We also adjusted Cindi's rear derailler which was clicking audibly. They did not make sure at the shop that the idler pulleys were lined up properly on the cogs. I showed her how to do this and in a minute, it was smooth like a sewing machine. We also talked a little about trimming gearshifts on brifters when you don't get a clean shift (why don't bike shops teach customers to do this? ) Cindi wanted to push on, but Richard and Robert had other things they had to get back for and Max & Debbie were locked in on the shorter ride. Cindi asked my preference, but was willing to go shorter as well. With the kids back home, a shorter ride was better for me and so we all turned back. Good thing that we did because on Rucker Rd, one of her pedals un threaded and came out, taking some of the crankarm threads with it! Max, Robert and I all tried to get it back in, to no avail. So Robert swapped bikes with her and pedaled with one leg, slowly. Max raced on ahead to get a car and come back to get Robert along the way.I asked Cindi for her impression of Robert's Surly Long Haul Trucker, and all she could say was "It's HUGE!"
So, it was an "interesting" ride at any rate. Max and Debbie were steady all the way. And they have their boy/girl colors coordinated too.
Max and Debbie

When I got back home, the kids were still here and I got to do a lap around the block with Kael. He was on the "Kael car" ( ) and I rode my MTB.  It was a good to remember my dad, his dad, and spend time with my son and his son. And pedal some too.

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Dove said...

Wow...the genetics from your father's side of the family are look just like your dad and grandfather.

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