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Monday, April 8, 2013

Cool Spring

Yes, I see that my ride posts have dwindled down to once monthly recaps. I need to fix that.

It's been an eventful month since the last entry though, both on and off the bike. I lost my job last Monday,  I am thankful for having had it and look forward to whatever is next career-wise.
I'm staying in my same routine as far as wake up, exercise, etc, so that when work does fire up again for me, I won't have to shift gears.

Bike wise, I was elected to the club board of directors and am the rides chair. We have a great group of people as new officers and directors and the enthusiasm and energy at our exec meeting last week was palpable. We are already moving ahead on a number of good fronts and will be a positive influence in the tri-county region for most aspects of cycling.

I entered a contest put on by Road Holland cyclewear.( ) for the cyclist most needing better looking clothes. I made the finalist selection and that came with a hefty discount coupon, used for a nice Hilversum full zip. Then I actually WON the contest and received a very nice Den Haag jersey free!

I wore it yesterday on the club relaxer ride and can tell you the cut, fabric and feel were all great. Both jerseys are technical fiber and wool blends. A "best of both" concept. I wondered where all the garment names came from. After a Google check, d'oh. They're places in HOLLAND.

Since losing the job, we've gone on the austerity plan of course. I've pedaled to the bank, Wal-Mart, the ride meet up point and will pedal to City Hall today to meet the mayor at 2 PM (he wants to talk bikey stuff with me) and then to a church meeting tonight at 7:00. I might even build up my legs!

This is the official start week for the Prattville Rides as well. Good stuff!


Janice in GA said...

Holy cow, so sorry to hear about the job situation. :( Best of luck getting a new position ASAP.

Good deal on the bike club/jersey/riding to save $$ stuff. That's how we can get by with one car -- I ride as much as I can.

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Best of Luck, Bruce, and hope you find another job soon. I'm looking for a new job as well... Its work filling out the applications and writing cover letters, etc! Cheers! Bruce

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