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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It's Christmas Eve!

It's Christmas Eve!  Ho Ho Ho!

Sitting in a hotel room in Tupelo, MS, I look forward to getting home tonight for Christmas Eve. I came through Columbus yesterday, calling on current and potential customers and finished here. I'll leave this morning and pass through Tuscaloosa, seeing several more and get home sometime after lunch.  There's plenty to reflect on this Christmas.

Our son Alex has received a good job offer. It's in another state, so we will miss him, his wife, and their son, but we are pleased for and proud of him. They are young and can more easily pick up and change venues now than they will be able to later in life. Sharon and I both have been praying for this and appreciate the positive response we received.

I'm not a New Year's resolution maker, but this year I've started a little list of them.

Begin and end each day with prayer.  (Yes, this is actually a Biblical command, but one I rarely remember to do. Liberty and all that not withstanding, a strong prayer life helps in many areas)

No More Junk Food.  - self explanatory. Continue plant strong eating for meals.

Try running again.  I was a 5K & 10K runner back in the '80s. I'll be an old shuffle stepper now for sure. I dream of sprinting (ran track in H.S.).  Can I do it again? My legs seriously don't work like that anymore. Or at least they haven't lately.

Put the Garmin in my pocket when I ride a bike.  Look around at the ride instead of down at the speedometer. My legs will tell me how steep the climb is and what gear I need to be in. Ride at whatever pace feels good at the moment and suits the conditions.

Read every day.  Not Face Book statuses either. I have a Kindle with umpteen books on it!

Exercise 5-6 days a week of some type (run, ride, or calisthenics). I stop when I'm stressed, but exercise relieves the stress!

Sell off the fountain pens I have "accumulated" and keep only the ones I want to collect. Less clutter and less stress. The biggest challenge is photographing and writing the ad descriptions.  There are a lot of them to do. I started with pens in 1992 or so. Just the scrap value of the 14K nibs is worth something! (I do not plan to scrap nibs)

Clean out the garage.  Either park TWO cars in it, or have one side as a fitness area.

I'll report back in a year on this.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

christmas tree
christmas tree (Photo credit: fsse8info)

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Yeah for running!

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