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Saturday, November 21, 2015


I was telling Kathy R at the ride this morning, "When I picked this route out and posted it on Tuesday night, it seemed like such a good idea. TODAY, I got up and asked myself why I chose a route with HILLS?" No matter, it was a good ride. With cooler air, overcast skies, a breeze, and the threat of hills, I was not going to be surprised if I was the only one to show up and ride today. On the way over, I was already psyching myself up. "You know you need the miles, and the hills will be good," I said to my self. No need, when I got to the start at the high school, there were already 4 other riders and they kept on coming. We ended up, I think, with 15 all told. Great showing. Sometimes the opposite of what you think is what happens, and it's really good. Like the ride. It was a great ride. I stayed within what I could do today, enjoyed it all and didn't finish with tired legs.

Yes, I was too smug in layers of wool that kept me warm/cool enough as the day went on. Nothing needed to be peeled off as I saw lesser kits of synthetics doing all around me when the temps rose. Then put some back on when the clouds and breeze made it too cool. One rider agreed to TRY some wool if I would loan it! ;) Temps in the 50s really are no issue to deal with, right?

It was great to pedal with folks I see seldom these days.  Max, Mike, and John all ended with avg speeds 3 - 5 mph above mine. Tony kept me company (and good company it was too) for a long stretch, but I spent some miles with John R, his wife Kathy, and Wes from Troy too. Others were touched base with at the regroups and rest stops. It all worked out fine.

No dog troubles today, but we did have wayward riders. Our three lawyers all managed to miss the turn off onto CR 85 and pedaled on in to Deatsville. Wonder why only the lawyers got lost. And the number one occupation of  members of Congress is, wait for it, lawyer. Hmmm..

Tony needed fluids at our 2nd store stop and I was going to share a 32 oz bottle with him. It turned out that they had no Powerade Zero, Gatorade G2, or other non sugary stuff in that size. I ended up with a 32 oz regular Powerade for Tony and a small Propel for me.  The line was long at the register, Too long. I looked out the window and saw another line, this one of cyclists, taking off down the road and leaving me behind. One rider stayed back. Tony. After all, I had his Powerade! What is that verse? "No greater love is there than a man stands in line for his friend?" Well no, not really, but it was odd, watching them all pull away.  The cashier noticed too. I assured her that I was the one who knew the route, so they were on their own. Words that came true for the aforementioned attorney types. Speaking of Tony, I did not realize that it was only lately that he saw my October post and the picture of us together in Sellers AL. One of my favorite pictures, two old cycling buddies having a GREAT ride. Tony, on the other hand, thought that it made him look fat. As in, "Honey, does this dress make me look fat?" Well, sorry Big T, the picture stays. It's got a dear friend and me doing something I dearly love and no one who does not ride thinks we look anything but ridiculous in bike clothes, no matter how fat we are or are not. So there.

Speaking of whiners, and you know who you are, we missed you today. No dirt or gravel anywhere to get dust on that pretty bike. So come on out. At least you have a wool jersey going for you, so you have that part right. :)

Thanksgiving is coming up this week, and weather permitting, 4 days in a row of rides! Who's in?

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