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Friday, August 15, 2008

Mind - Body Disconnect

Two mid week rides this week. Same route both times. Almost didn't ride the 1st time; chest tight with stress, innards feeling jiggly, generally not feeling perky. Rode anyway. Started out into the wind (which was uphill too, of course) and then the wind died 1/2 way out, so there was no help on the opposing leg of the trip. It was work all the way, and I never felt like my breathing was right, and it never felt smooth or easy. At the end, I was glad that I'd done the ride, because I felt a little less tense.

Rode the same route last night. The wind was pleasant in my face, my pedals spun easily. The climbs were good exercise and my legs felt strong as I worked up to the tops. Everything felt smooth and I was sure I had clobbered the previous ride time. I did better it, but only by 1 minute. It turns out that for both nights, the performance was virtually the same, but the sensation was totally different. Apparently, my legs do not tune in to what my brain is thinking. That's good to know, because if I get to where I don't think I can go any further, the legs can and will continue to spin the cranks.

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