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Monday, August 18, 2008

It's a Conspiracy!

My son's girlfriend is reading "The Alchemist" right now. The author's premise is that the universe conspires to give us what we want, if we just let it. I'm not buying Paulo Coelho's pseudo theology in it's entirety, but I grant that sometimes things do work out when you don't expect them to.

Earlier this week, a club member asked for a Beginner ride for himself and his wife. We set a time and I posted the ride. Then some others emailed to say they were also coming. Then the original couple asked for a time change, which we didn't do because the others were set for the original time. The first couple canceled the day before the ride, then 2 others who committed to ride canceled a few hours before the ride due to a sudden come up at work. Imagine my surprise then to arrive at the meeting venue and find a parking lot full of people with bikes! In addition to the beginners, a couple of regular riders made the trip up from points south to take part and welcome the newer folks.

We did the normal, pretty flat, back roads amble and kept the pace at a comfortable 11 - 12 mph. I checked frequently with the new riders to be sure they were okay with it, and they were. The few upgrades slowed them a little, but not badly at all. I rode the route as a single speed, which I really enjoy. You never change gears. Try it sometime, it's a nice change of pace from constant shifting.

The late afternoon was pleasant, and not working too hard, we did not drown in sweat. I forget how nice it is to look around and soak in the scenery, talk to the cows, and share conversation with the other riders. Yes, it drops my year-to-date average speed (by 1/100th of a mph maybe), but like, who cares? Everything did fall into place for a relaxing and satisfying ride.

Mid week rides conclude this week, and it will be time to put an old tire on the rear of the KHS to use on the trainer stand until next Spring.

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