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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Three days off from work is, well, a three day rest from the office. It wasn't super restful though. On Saturday, our bike club held it's annual supported century ride. This is an excellent event, and provides funding for the club activities including public awareness, helmet giveaways to kids, and other things we do to promote cycling. I've ridden the event before, but for the last several years, I've worked on the crew.

Each rest stop is themed. One is done in all polka dots, and is placed just after the steepest climb of the ride. One is margarita themed, with grass skirts and coconuts. Ours was Tour de Rest Stop. We wore yellow, had a model of the Eiffel Tower and some other goodies. What the riders liked best about our stop: Plenty of chairs set up under the shade, towels soaked in ice cold water, and bike racks to park their rides while they refreshed. I pulled an all day shift, and so did some others. We also had help early to set up from a first shift crew, and to take down from a 2d shift group. Plenty of teamwork and it was a pleasure, except for 10 hours of high heat and humidity, and the spider bite on my leg. My family even came out and pitched in on the 1st shift, including enthusiastically greeting the riders as they approached our location! How cool is that?

Sunday, I rode with one other club member who posted a plaintive, "Doesn't anbody ride 13 -15 mph anymore?" You're talking MY language there! We had a great ride, and a stiff Gustav related headwind provided a good workout. The weather Monday was out of kilter, so I didn't ride. There were other little jobs to do, and I puttered around, while Alex and Amber threw a Labor Day BBQ for their freinds. I got to eat some too, and it was mighty good. I rode around our neighborhood a couple of times anyway.

Hopefully the weather this weekend will permit a longer enjoyably paced excursion.

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