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Friday, September 5, 2008

Put a Wrench to it

Some days are made for riding, others for thinking about riding. Today I decided to set up the bike stand and wrench instead of ride. Alex, informed that this is HIS week to mow was doing his best Carl Edwards impression with the Ariens 21" (no self-propel on this baby) and Amber had settled into an Adirondack chair with a Cuehlo book to read. USPS brought a clutch of season ending clearance bin bargains, so I had plenty of material to work with. A new chain checker confirmed my belief that the Rambouillet was ready for some new links. I used a chain tool for the first time and got plenty of grease on my fingers. Along with shortening the new chain to the proper length, I cleaned off the now exposed parts of the drive train which the chain usually obscures. After that, grippier brake pads went on the Saluki, properly spaced, toed and tightened. Both bikes rode well in after repair testing.

I wasn't all excited about a ride on Weds either, but a pair of closeout special Zoic Black Market bike shorts showed up. I tried them on and they fit really well, so what the heck, why not go for a ride? I pedalled down town and did hill repeats up Gin Shop Hill. It was a push to make it home by dark, but I did and was glad for the workout afterwards. Alex was asleep when the post office came by, so I'll have to go there myself tomorrow and pick up the package from Italy with an eBay bargain vintage wool jersey. Too bad! I would have worn it on the club ride tomorrow. Not sure where I'm riding. I'll scan the radar when I get up and decide. So far, no one has taken me up on an offer to ride the hillier Elmore County. I know of a few riding the rollers in Pintlala, and may go there if I get no takers.

And which bike to take?

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