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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wah Wah, Little GTO

I can hear Ronnie and the Daytonas now, can't you? They sang an ode to the GTO, the best that Pontiac had to offer in the way of a muscle car. The 1st US production sedan to offer an OHC engine in fact, if I recall correctly. GTO can mean other things too though. Take a look at this picture:

Here is birthday boy JackWeedy in his golf ball optically bright jersey, a color referred to as Garbage Truck Orange by the gent on Jack's right. (What does he know? He's wearing a lizard on his jersey.) I suppose that the visibility is great, but I hate having to wear shades because a fellow rider's jersey is blinding me.

While we're still thinking musically about fast cars, the gal on Jack's left could be called "Little Red Corvette." kathy has been working out big time and she lays down rubber embarrassingly fast. We old guys were happy to have her around to pull for us, that's for sure.

If you don't remember the song about the GTO, it goes like this:

Listen to her tachin' up now, listen to her why-ee-eye-ine

C'mon and turn it on, wind it up, blow it out GTO

We were hearing that whine ourselves and we wondered what
it was. John got behind Jack
and saw the same thing that I did. Here's a picture
so you can see it too.

Yes, Jack
likes the "Dry Look" in his hair and on his chain. No, the
red you see is not the new color that chain lube comes in.
It is the rust you get when there is no chain lube. With
that whine, we
were hesitant to go all the
way on today's route plan. It was Jack's
birthday ride and he wanted to get in 48 miles. We don't want to spill
any beans, so we won't tell you which birthday this is, okay?
With a couple of chain links sounding like they were frozen, we took the cut
for the 41 mile version and made it back okay. Dogs were pesky today
although everyone of them obeyed the brass bell warning. Kathy got out
ahead of us once and two dogs surprised her. She screamed for real! It was
very impressive. Cows looked at Jack dumbly when he mooed at them.
We all
wondered how Jim (who was missing today) gets the cows to respond
but no one else
can. Jim's ex-special forces. If he tells us how to do it, he might
have to kill us.
We saw a pair of riders at the Ramer store, but didn't know them
and they didn't stop to chat. Ran into the Bass Master himself, Ray Scott
at the church parking lot.We tried to give him some lunch location ideas,
but I think he knows the area better
than we do.

Telling him about Red's Schoolhouse made me hungry. Then Jack tells me

Bilee is doing the combo Red's Schoolhouse and Sikes and Kohn shoe sale
next Saturday. I've already committed to help set up at Cooter's Pond
(a CX race will be held there) next Saturday so I'll miss that ride.
The Spring shoe sale is better anyway.
So we ended the day with 4 intact chains, no road rash or embedded materials
our bikes or bodies and we did 40.7 miles in 2:47. It was a nice ride,
great company, and I hope to do it again, soon.

Maybe a different car though..
giddy up, giddy up, 409.....

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