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Sunday, October 12, 2008

What's Wrong with these Pictures?

One of the threads on (an excellent online site for logging your bikes and rides, as well as sharing pictures stories and ideas with other cyclists) is "Pictures From a Recent Ride." I usually enjoy seeing the world from the saddles of other riders. Some of the folks are talented with a camera to start with, so it's already good stuff, even before adding cycling content.

This picture has a problem. Can you tell what it is? No, it's not that the
Venti Cappuccino is not overly sugared.

Here's another picture with the same problem.

Note that the drink selection has improved tremendously however.

The issue with BOTH pictures?

They are CARBON BIKES!!! The riders are obviously tasteful enough to carry great beverages, but they are not riding on STEEL frames.


How many of you figured it out?

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