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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Update

No, you didn't miss any ride reports. We drove up to my middle sister's in WV on Weds and came back yesterday, to rain. If it clears this afternoon, I'll get in some miles, just to stretch my legs. I do have a bike with fenders, after all.

It had been 4 or 5 years since my two sisters and I were last co located for a visit, and the time this week went very well. They're great gals and I am glad we got some time together. The nieces were lovely as well, and the other side of my sister's family, there for the grand buffet of Tur-Kay (or maybe the jumbo jugs of wine?) were very entertaining. Hopefully, they all feel similarly. I have been threatened with bodily harm if I upload the video of us singing Christmas carols to the tune of baby sister's guitar picking, so you'll have to imagine some bad singers who invent words for songs as memories fail. The guitar part was the only portion on key. It really was a highlight of the trip for me! AND, my brother in law is getting interested in a new bike! We verified his PBH and found that he should be on a 62 cm frame. He has a 56 now, with the seat post way up, and his hands hurt from leaning too far down to get the flat style handlebar on a Diamondback Sorrento. I see him on a tourer or cylcocross frame with semi knobbies and very low gears for those mountainsides they live on.

The drive up and back was pretty enjoyable too. After totally disdaining them, I found that an ipod can be pretty interesting. A great playlist, some loud singing, and I only had to navigate! Traffic was light, and we skirted most of the rains by heading home west first, then south. Only after catching the news last night, did I learn that Montgomery had over 3" of rain yesterday. Our rain gauge shows 1.7" here. In other news, our HS team won its semi-final football game and plays long time foe, Hoover (the school that had an MTV series going for a while) for the title. In 2005, Hoover beat us, and they beat Daphne in 2006. We won the past two years (over Hoover and Spain Park) and are heading for a threepeat. The current starter at Alabama, John Parker Wilson was the QB at Hoover who beat us. Hoover has won 1/2 a dozen state titles recently so they have a longer winning history, but we're gaining. Why HS football interests me, I do not know. My own alma mater, lost it's PSAL championship game last weekend. Their last title win was in '72. Last trip to the game was like '82. At least they made teh finals this year. Go Seahorses!!


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