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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Where did iBob go?

That Frappr map of lugged steel bike types was getting annoying, so with the magic of the "del" key, POOF! and it's gone. An "iBob" is someone on the internet (the "i" part) who likes lugged steel bikes. The name comes from an old email list called the Bridgestone Owners Bunch (The "Bob" part) Bridgestone makes tires which is what they are known for in the US these days, but they make, and used to sell in the states, steel framed bicycles. They pulled out of the market at about the time that Trek and Cannondale, followed by Specialized were really taking things over but they still sell in Japan and other places. A lot of people who had them started writing about them and the list came about. Bridgestone type bikes are still sold in the US by several companies, notably Rivendell (Walnut Creek CA) which is staffed by the folks let go when Bridgestone left the scene. Bridgestones and Rivendells are like older style English bikes (intended to carry most of the load in the rear) as opposed to French bikes (which are set up to carry most of the load, "porteur" style, up front) Too much information?

I've set Mark III up with a big Acorn brand saddle bag in the back, chock full of the usual goodies. If for no other reason, I am usually welcome on club rides as my saddle bag is likely to carry anything anyone might need along the way. Tubes, tools, TP, band aids, SPF 50, lip balm, rain wear, Golf Digest, practice balls and a folding club (handy while someone is changing a flat),
you name it. At the moment though, Mark III isn't going anywhere. His rear wheel is removed and a home built trainer wheel mounted in its place. Last night, I began my winter struggle with trainer stand sessions. I hate, hate, hate, the trainer stand. I did find that doing it on a bike you like, and to Led Zeppelin, makes it very liveable. The new Brooks saddle is a bit hard still, but the shorter intervals now are good for taking care of that without damaging ME.

Even on Fridays, when I get home an hour earlier, there is not sufficient day light for a decent ride. I guess this is it, the regimen till Spring. So it's weights twice and trainer stand twice and Weds night off to teach the kidlets. We'll see if I have legs in March..

No miles at all this past weekend. I went around the neighborhood, less than 10 miles, but the wind was rough and it wasn't any fun. Catching up on letters and fixing a pen was a better way to spend the time. I caught some football on TV too.

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