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Monday, February 23, 2009

Rivendell Build, Day 3

Just a short post to show a pic of the parts which Brown brought today from Rivendell Bicycle Works World Headquarters. Actually, it's a garage unit or two in a mini warehouse type place, and they don't make a single frame there. All are built by master craftspeople at their own shops, and painted at other paint places by coatings experts. They do get to assemble bikes there for people who buy complete bicycles from them. Much of the time, they just sell a frame and fork set. They also sell parts and accessories there. For my build, I ordered a front derailer and a pair of shifters becuase I knew they would work on this bike. RBW has only used one diameter of seat tube (varying steel grades, wall thicknesses and butts though), ever. So while parts houses list item after item along with the tubes it may or may not fit, I knew one from Rivendell would fit ANY bike they've ever made. Including mine. I also liked the way the Silver (House brand, designed and made for them by Someone else. Tektro maybe) shifters look and the power ratchet feature that makes lifting the chain onto the bigger rings easy.

I prefer a silver color derailer clamp, but my choice was any color I wanted, as long as it was black. It's a Campy Mirage and will handle the differential bewteen the rings as well as the reach required. I think the shifters on the downtube bosses give an elegant look and go with the overall feel of the bike. My other bikes are all bar end and something different was in order. With only brake cables in the cockpit, that too will have a cleaner uncluttered look. So, to date: RBW road frame, Chris King 2 nut headset, Campy Veloce triple, Campy Mirage Derailer and Silver down tube shifters. UPS is due in again on Weds with wide and long Tektro 556 brakes (to handle 650B tires), a Campy Veloce rear triple derailer, a cable set, a chain and a stem. I have the other needed parts in hand (saddle, seat post, handle bar, brake levers, wheels) It's probably optimistic to think I'll have it ready by this weekend to take to Cochran GA, (and do I want my shakedown cruise to be a 100K?) but you never know.....

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