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Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's a Beautiful Morning

Ahh, hahh. Think I'll go outside for a while, and just smile....

Yep, The Young Rascals had the weather today pegged just right. We had a cast of 1,000s at John Hall this morning for Club Lite. Well, possibly a cast of a dozen-ish. True to our word last week, we did Michelle's Fitzpatrick - Highlog ride. One contingent went to the Fitzpatrick store and back for 24 miles total, another did the ride for 31 miles and a few added 12 miles +/- by taking Hayneville Rd to Old Pike and then back on Matthews or Lawson to Flowers. Jim and I were in a groove riding and talking and found ourselves back at the parking lot at the 31 mile mark. We passed on the added miles option today. Us old guys can be choosy like that.

Wendell was back out today, as was Charles after his long layoff. Good to see him out and about once more. I hardly recognized Angie in her club jersey, since we last cycled together about 6 months ago. Michael and Carol came, as did Tim. Tim tells me his new book has just been published. He said it is about the Mexican War, and as a history buff, I asked him to let me know when autographed copies would be available.

Frank and his friend, another Tim, came out. Frank was on "Col. Mustard" his made-to-measure steel, S&S coupled, Bilenky set up for long distance randoneuring. Very nicely fitted out with fenders, racks and "Baggins" bags. Generator front hub, every braze on you might imagine, and still quite sprightly. Tim has a new Windsor Touring bike. It's basically a re badged Fuji, and he says he loves it. Also a steel bike with wide range gearing, and plenty of carrying capacity.

Joe booked on over from home as before and when I passed him on Vaughn on the way to the ride, I needed to kick the Yukon into passing gear! Joe is getting seriously quick. Likewise Michelle, who went the 40 miles at tout de suite speed. And did we not see her name on the time trials sheet this week?

Speaking of time trials, Michael also did them, and has built a TT bike for the purpose. Their family will soon be relocating to a new duty assignment near Washington DC, but he says that when he friction shifts the TT, he'll remember his pleasant outings with MBC. That's how Lance shifts chainrings too, btw. And, as it happens, how I shift everything on every bike.

When I got back to the cars, several other, non club folks were just getting out of cars and preparing to ride. I invited them to join the club rides of course and get on the email list.

I'd post some pictures, but I forgot the camera!  Frank wore suspenders and knickers too. He would have been a fine sight to see here. And we nearly had a parking lot spill due to failed clip out. All good blog material! I'll bring it tomorrow and snap a few of the beginners/relaxers. Maybe something interesting will come up.

My ride was enjoyable. I tried toe clips for the 1st time ever on a ride and sort of liked them. The pedals are MKS Ultra Lite Sylvans and with the clips and straps are  65g lighter per pedal than the Shimano M325s (double sided) I was using. I need to play with strap tension. About 1/4 mile out, I dumped the chain on teh outboard side, going to the big ring, so adjustment is needed there. Otehrwise, it all worked as planned, and despite a bit of headwind coming back, averaged 15.6. Club Lite is really 13 - 15, and the Joe Michelle group probably ran around 16.5 mph. Carol was quicker as well.

Well, Sunday school lesson (John 19) is done, and there's still some afternoon left, so I may as well cruise around the neighborhood some.  Happy Easter and hope to see you soon!


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