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Sunday, April 5, 2009

April Showers

Unlike last year, rain has made its appearance this Spring. Frequently. Another 1"+ today. Even though the rain has moved on, a drizzly mist remains, accompanied by fog. Not the safest of riding conditions to be sure. When riding is out of the picture, wrenching usually is still available, so I spent some time in the garage this afternoon. Here are some pictures of what came from that.

First up is Mark, the Nashbar Mk III. He donated his wheels to the Rivendell Road project, (I need a name for that bike. Any suggestions?) and I have yet to find another set of those CTA special run 650B Aeroheads. Who knew they were so rare? In the meantime, we've captured the look and feel of those wheels wth this Arraya set, now shod with Panaracer Pasela TGs in 26 x 1.25 size. The bike looks good and rides really well.

650 Wanna B

Faithful readers will remember my whine about the mis sized Sun CR-18 rims. They are labelled 584 mm (for 650B tires) but are really 587mm. Kathryn from the RBW e-list sold me a pair of tires knocking around her store room; out of production Continental Top Touring 2000s. Size is 590 x 37 ( 26" x 1 3/8") and they fit easily, and HOLD on the rims when pumped up. These in the photo are at 65 psi (of 70 max) in fact.They look interesting and ride nicely. We'll leave this set up for a while and try the urban rider approach for a few rides. The other wheels/tires are ready at a moment's notice for any kind of fire road / grassy outing which may present itself. The crabon seatpost is excused here because it does color coordinate with the new rubber.

Baby's got new shoes by you.
Baby's Got New Shoes

  What I also like about these pics is the 1st sign of RED in my pet rose bush. Of all the things in our yard, this is the one I dote on.

Yesterday, the weather was MUCH better, and 8 of us went on a Club Lite ride in east Montgomery Country. It was great to see faces missing since last fall. Michelle, Trevor, Joe, Jim and two Johns came out and we did 34 miles at 13 - 15 mph. A store stop was included of course, and chit chat at the stop signs along the way. I did a hair over 15 mph avg, and felt really good afterwards. I wouldn't mind getting my avg pace back up to 15 - 16, but am taking it slow. Plenty of greenery to look at and light traffic along our route. Joe was a true mensch. He rode 15 miles from his house TO the ride and then pedaled back home. We rolled the start time back to 8 Am and decided to leave it there for the season. It's warm enough (48 yesterday) and it warms quickly. This way we have time after the ride to do other things as well.

Have a great week! 


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blackr14 said...

Haha I am telling you that stuff was nasty. As for wiped out- I've had colitis since November so didn't have 2 much more effect on me! The test went fine- they still aren't real sure what is causing it or how to treat but they did biopsy and rule out lymphoma, thank the. Lord! Looks Like you are having fun with the biking this spring

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