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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wrapping up the weekend

Even with all our rain over the past few days, a ride has been managed each of the past 4 days. This afternoon, it was the beginner/relaxer ride. Carol H was back with us for the 1st time in many months. She left our company on the way back so that she could pick up the pace a little. We met up with her again near the end of our second loop. She had gone up Cobbs Ford Road and now knows why we like to ride the route to go DOWN that particular hill.

New rider Virgina made her first appearance today too. New as in new bike and new to our rides. A friend of Bill's, she was a delight to have along. Of course, she provided the required "new kid" entertainment moment. She pulled her left foot out of the toeclip at a stop, and leaned to the right. Initiation rites over, she had no further mishap. She fell on grass, so the bike was okay. Oh, Virginia will have a bruise tomorrow and a nick, but she looked unfazed by it all. 

Jo continues to get stronger. No longer lagging on the climbs that used to be tough for her, she'll be getting skinnier, higher pressure tires soon, I bet. And then she'll want something with a more aero position. Don't fret about it Jo, many of us have been there and done that! I liked hearing her ask if we could do the extra loop because she likes the downhill on Cobbs Ford!

Peggy made us all look like wimps. She RAN for 30 minutes before we got there, changed her outfit and then rode out in front of the pack! Of course, she missed the turn heading back to the cars and was too far ahead for me to catch her. I figured that being a local, she wouldn't get lost. Bzzzz! Wrong!  She back tracked and caught up with us after a while back at the parking lot. Her next stop was going to be to ask the firemen for directions. Well, other riders have gotten help from Millbrook's municipal agencies before, it wouldn't be the first time for a club member to ask for help!

We did have annoying incident with a pick up truck who wanted to make a right turn off Main St and didn't want to wait to let us pass through the intersection. He did in the end, but it's a reminder to bike defensively.

The green of the wild fields was deep and dark and luxurious. Spots of yellow and white and pink dotted the landscapes and thick bunches of claret red clover brimmed over the roadway shoulders. The air was cool and we all wore long sleeves. I said to Jo that we would wish for days like today, headwinds and all, in the sweltering rides of summer. Plenty of water in the yards in Coosada, and the ditches were filled. I'm thankful that our neighborhood drains well.

I was energized from the ride, and already sweaty, so I pulled out the lawnmower and did the yard. I'm glad to have it done.

Have a great week, everyone.


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