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Saturday, March 14, 2009

And with Spring comes the rain....

Unlike last week, this weekend has been waterlogged.  I did get the dead grass from prior years "scalped" this week. For the 1st time in my almost 56 years, I BAGGED the trimmings, rather than mulch. There was a lot of it, and it was all dead junk. Now the rain will soak in and accelerate the fledgling shoots of green already appearing. Every Bradford Pear and Redbud tree on our street is showing blooms or buds, and the local dogwoods are flowering too. 1 1/2" so far today and more expected tonight, tomorrow and Monday.

There was a couple of hours-long window where I could have taken the fendered Hound Dog out for a spin, but it just wasn't a nice day for a ride. Instead, I enjoyed my fountain pens, hung out with my son as he asked me to supervise his automotive maintenance work, and then swapped tires and wheels around on my bikes.

Next Saturday is the Atlanta Pen Show (and I am looking forward to meeting up with some fountain pen collecting pals) so my only weekend riding will be on Sunday. Perhaps I'll be able to get out after work on a weeknight as well.

Hope you're able to ride where ever you are, or enjoying the quiet of a rainy day if you're not.


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