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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Following that wheel...

Just an update on the broke spokes wheel saga. Dropped it off at the shop on Saturday as they were about to close.

Saturday: "We'll put it up here on the truing stand so we do it 1st thing on Tuesday morning."

Tuesday afternoon: "Was this your wheel? No? Hey! Where's Bruce's wheel? Oh, behind that other stuff. How about we have it for you Wednesday?"

Wednesday AM: Phone rings, "We're out of #272 spokes. If we order them today, we'll have it tomorrow for sure."

Wednesday lunch: I meet Jeff for (really good) Jamaican chicken and buy his spare set of 650B wheels. Sun CR-18 rims on Nexave C500 hubs. Fine for back up duty.

Wednesday evening after church: I discover that the Sun CR-18 rims run more like 587, not 584 and it takes steel implements to mount or dismount tires. The front goes on Okay. The new Conti tube in the rear, sssssssssssss. I take a 9 speed cassette (12- 26) off a Bontrager and put it on the Nexave. Perfect fit. Phew.

Today: No calls so far. Will swing by and check on the good wheel tonight on the way home...

This evening:  I met Bilee outside the bike shop. She looked perfectly coiffed and composed, although the Pearl Izumi shorts and jersey indicated she had been riding! Yes, her injury is healed and she rode FROM the doctor's office as soon as he gave her the okay. Seems she interrupted Mark at his work, so the delay in readying it was entirely HER fault, she said. Good to see you Bilee. Glad you're back on your bike too. Mark did in fact have the 2 spokes Alex broke replaced.Along with ALL the others on the drive side of the wheel. The chain had mauled them pretty good. Since he had the freewheel off, I took it home that way.

Once home, I moved the Dura Ace Freewheel I had off another hub and on the Sansin. Then I put tires on and aired up the wheel. Voila! The Rivendell rides again. A slight clunk now, an inner link is slightly akimbo and I only feel it in the idler pulleys. It's always something else, isn't it?

Anyway, I replaced the tube in the back up wheel and aired it up as well. Now all bikes have wheels, rubber, and adjusted brakes. Is there a club lite ride this Saturday?

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