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Saturday, March 28, 2009

After the fox!

The rains finally ceased around lunch today, leaving 5.6" total since Friday, but the streets dried fairly quickly and it seemed a good chance to get in a ride. For the 1st time this season, I did the venerable "Prattville Loop." I'd embed the map, but it only works in Internet explorer, and I use Firefox. Here's a link to it if you want to check it out:

This route has a markedly different feel depending on the direction in which you ride it. For years, I only rode it counter clockwise with short steep climbs and long fast descents, but for the last year or so have preferred clockwise, with its longer steadier climbs. I rode the Rivendell Raod bike today and it climbs well. A very different feel from the Rambouillet. Funny, I love whichever one I'm on, but it takes a little to get used to the other one when changing. I did the ride about 1 mph slower than I will later on in the season, no biggie. At lunch this week, buddy Bill claims that his Campy Eruus wheels with bladed spokes give him a 1 mph speed increase over the round spokes on his Surly Pacer. I think his cyclometer is just out of adjustment, personally :)

The coolest part of the ride today was climbing Bridge St at Gin Shop Hill. A red fox was in the roadway ahead of me with something that must have been lunch in his nouth. He trotted on for a while and I called out, "Hey Fox!" He turned, and did a 90 degree turn into the tree line. But it was still cool.

Earlier, Alex and I did a lap of our subdivision. He tried out the Nashbar, and said it felt really good. I held out the offer that he could ride it tomorrow and join us on the beginner ride. He said he was afraid he'd poop out along the way. He's 21, does jiu jitsu, and thinks he has less wind than a bunch of older less fit people? Come on!!

I'm behind last year in the mileage dept, but that's what happens when you get much needed rain on some weeknds, or get sick. I still enjoy riding when I can get it. Hopefully again tomorrow.

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