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Monday, March 23, 2009

Dexter's Bike Lab

This bike came as a 650B conversion. That is, it was originally built as a 700 mm race bike and a prior owner changed the wheels from 700mm OD (622 rim size) to 650 mm (584 rim size) which allows beefier tires and a lower stand over. The wheels were pretty unusual. Light and fast, and made in limited quantity. I used them when I did my own 650B conversion of the Rivendell last month. Since then, I've been hunting for a suitable solution for this Nashbar. My 1st attempt was to use an economy set of Sun CR 18s on Shimano Nexave hubs. They worked, BUT. For one thing, as an economy set, they did not spin easily. The rear hub is 135 mm wide, while the frame is 126. The Sun rims are too big. Instead of 584, they measure about 587. You need steel tire irons to mount wire bead tires! Fixing a flat on the road is daunting. Tonight I received a set of Kenda K40s. these are 590 rim size (the old 26" x 1 3/8") and they fit on great. They ride like the $10.95 tires they are, however, and if you inflate to over 35 lbs the tires pop off the rims. Here's the rear wheel with a Kenda.

So, I looked around for ideas, and noticed the wheel set that originally came on the Rambouillet. It's a 559 (26") size, and has been "resting" ever since I picked up a set of Velocity Aeroheat / Phil hub wheels. Hmm, how looong a reach do the long reach Tektro 556 brakes have?

Just enough, it seems. The original issue cartridge pads had to come out, but with some Kool Stops intended for other brakes installed, proper rim contact is achieved and stopping power is good.

The completed bike looks okay! I may put tan sided Paselas on, but that can wait. It rides MUCH better now as it is! I'll take it out for a longer test tomorrow. Bottom bracket is 10 1/4" from the floor. or 1/4" lower than it was as a 650B with 32 mm tires. The tires now are 28s

Anyone need a set of Sun/Nexave wheels? Free Kendas tossed in :)
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Jim G said...

Reminds me of the original XO-1. How fat a knobby MTB tire will the bike fit? :)

Fully Lugged said...

Jim - 40 mm will fit easily, maybe 45 mm. I don;t have anything that large to do a test.

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