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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring is almost here...

What a great run of nice weather we're having! For the 1st time in recent memory, I was able to get out and ride on both weekend days! Saturday was the shakedown cruise for the Rivendell. It flows like a stream, handles like a deer. If only I could ride like the wind.. Okay, seriously, the frame is forgiving but not spongy. The handling is extremely crisp. You can lay this bike way over to take turns fast and there is no hesitation. The BB is fairly low due to the 650B conversion, 25.5 mm is the height, compared to 27.5 on the Saluki which is a 650B by design. For this reason, I wouldn't try to pedal hard through a fast turn, but never came close to pedal strike in ordinary maneuvers. The 170 mm crankarms help, longer legged folks on 175s might have different issues with the pedals and the pavement.

I liked the randonneur bars, and the down tube shifters. The bike is light and responsive. Michelle got off her carbon Giant and gave it a quick pedal. She said it felt surprisingly light, but she did not feel ready to go off anywhere on it. Turn out was pretty good for the club rides as it happend.

Here's the regular crowd:

And here are the more sedate and refined folks:

Don't let the HED TT wheels on the custom Trek Madone throw you off. Bilee is pretty sedate when she wants to be. (Like when she and Patty are NOT training for the US Sr Olympics) Although after being caught on film trying to infiltrate our group, she hung her head and went back to the speedy people.

We had great weather to ride in. The jackets you see were all removed and packed away before 10 miles had been pedaled. The sun peeked in and out, and the breezes made us work for the miles.

Sunday was the relaxer ride up in Millbrook. We had 9 or 10 come out, and most of us did two loops for a little over 21 miles. Just good company and a nice way to spend an afternoon. Had a new guy out with us, and he felt good on a borrowed Saluki. He looked good on it too. A couple of riders failed to change clocks and missed a good time and a couple more were tied up with setting up a Bingo game. Let;s see, Biking or Bingo? Hmmmm. Can you win a bike at Bingo? If not, I'm riding.


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