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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Beginner Ride Cut Short

Mike and Claire came up to ride the Beginner ride today. Mike was whipped from a tough week and brought Claire along to help him get up the hills on the tandem set up they had.  Here's Claire:

I tell you, she is the cutest thing going on her pink bike, with helmet and jersey to boot. She even had a kid size pair of Pearl Izumi cycling shorts on!  "It has GEARS," she told me proudly. "Yes it does Claire, and nice fat black tires like my roadster here," I replied.

Mark III Pocket Rocket by you.

Gee Mike, make the girl do ALL the work, huh?  Mike had a gizmo that connected her bike to his and lifted her front wheel off the ground, allowing her to pedal and apply forward force through her rear wheel.

Tim came up for the relaxer as well. Like me, he thought our "Lite" ride yesterday was a bit on the robust side. We saddled up and headed out, but as we neared the Elmore Store, a blue wall of water loomed in the distance. Claire's bike was weaving on the road, due to a looseness of the bike to bike connection, so Mike got off (well, he FELL off. Claire just stepped off her bike, like the seasoned pro she is) and broke the bikes into 2 separate units. I had intended to get some pics of them all at the store, but the impending rain had me making sure all my electronic gear was covered up.

Just like Bob Dylan sang, "the wind began to howl" and we all headed back to our cars. The rains caught us a few miles out and we got pretty wet. We just kept on pedaling. Tim and I tuned on our lights and all the cars gave us a wide berth. We actually ran back out into clear weather for a few blocks before the rain started up again at the parking lot. So, we got in just 11 1/2 miles, but it was an interesting 11 1/2 miles. Kudos to Claire for being brave and doing exactly as her dad told her. She is welcome back with us any time. Yeah, Mike, you're welcome too :) 

Have a good week everyone..


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