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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Is it in You?

You know the ad.   Gatorade. Black and white pictures of sweaty athletes and their sweat is colored Gatorade color.

I normally go with Propel, which is the low sugar version of Gatorade. On yesterday's ride, once the Sun came out, I started to sweat unbelievably from the top of my head and I had to drink both bottles that started out the ride with me just to keep a semblance of hydration.

4 of us began the ride benignly enough. Jody brought her pal Autumn along for Autumn's 1st club outing. Joe and Tim were there and we ambled along for about 10 miles at not too fast a pace. The clouds kept the temperature down, and I really wasn't drinking much at all. Autumn was tiring though. She is very slim and fit (a runner) but not used to cycling. She was climbing hills in her big ring and not sure of shifting yet.  She and Jody opted to turn back towards the cars and make a 20 ish mile day, while we 3 guys pushed on to Ramer. Faster. No Jim today, so Tim took the lead, after asking for a "glacial" pace, he perked along at 18 - 20. Joe of course is happy at about any speed and he kept up easily. I lagged back but we touched base now and again. I was still moving along smartly, but the sun was hot and I was laboring.

By the time we got to the store, I needed a refill, and Gatorade full strength or Zero were my choices. I went full strength, and it was too sweet. Made me sick to my stomach to drink that stuff when I was all hot. I did anyway, since I needed the water to prevent cramps.

Tim suggested a route change, and it was nice. No shade there, like he promised, but it was indeed pretty and a break from routine. It added 2 miles by my tally. So we ended with 43 instead of 41. Same difference. We were glad we did the ride, but we were HOT!.

Later, I came across this and decided I had to join this club:

  Now THAT is what I need to have in me! Forget Gatorade. How about some iced coffee? Where's John Roeder when you need him? He used to always have that after rides. I think I'm going to give it a whirl!!  Or at least plan a ride TO a coffee shop!  I'll have a Columbian Supremo please..

   It's wet today, so looks like Tuesday after work will be the next ride oppty. Ride of Silence coming on Weds.


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