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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Just Another Ordinary Day

Another nice morning to be on a bicycle under blue skies in Alabama! Turn out was lighter today than last week, although we had two new faces. Rich (who actually rode last week along with Bob of new leather saddle fame, but who I drew a total blank on) and Mitchell (who I exchanged emails with during the week) joined us, and we were glad they did. Rich is fit in the way I wish I was at some point in my life, but never made it. He has the kind of build that adapts to just about any athletic undertaking. (But can he hit my curveball? Maybe that's where I'll have him! Oh wait, can I still THROW a curveball?) Rich came out on his Colnago Sprint (lovely, lightweight fully lugged steel frame circa 1982) which he has set up as a single speed with a White Industries hubset. BikeSnobNYC might give him a pass, although he flirts with danger, running purple spoke nipples in back and gold ones in front. The next thing you know, he'll be wheeling around on one of these:

You can take the different color wheels idea too far, IMO.

Mitchell is a runner currently nursing a back injury, so cycling provides that cardio outlet he still needs. He had not gone this far before, having JUST gotten a bike (Trek 2.1 I think) and been on all of 2 prior local rides, but he was fine. His bike came with that option that I can't purchase at any price: young legs. Both guys live in Prattville, so there is no reason why we can't tool around town together. Or they can tool, and I'll bring up the rear. I asked Rich where he lived, and replied "A subdivision called Highland Ridge." Uh, so do I. It doesn't get more convenient than that!

Tim started with us, but was riding farther and faster, and when Rick's Riders came by on their century, he hitched his caboose to their train. We all chatted briefly at Mt. Carmel church, we on a rest break and they just pausing to say hello. Jim and I were the 'experienced" 1/2 of the squad. If we had been smarter, we would have used that experience to hook some bungee cords on the young guys bikes and worked less. We did the 36 mile Pintlala Option route on MapMyRide which has a blend of flat and rollers and enough diverse scenery to make it interesting. No snakes on our ride, but Richard J reports his group encountered a copperhead. Peggy nearly ran over one in a prior post here. No dogs for us either. We stopped at the US 331 antiques store and purchased drinks and snacks, which they also sell. I inquired about fountain pens, but none were to be had. Not surprising, I almost never find them in antique places. No pocket knives either.

We ended our jaunt with 36.5 miles and averaged 14.95. It was a good workout. Looking forward to a relaxer ride tomorrow!

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