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Saturday, August 8, 2009

August is upon us

We're still riding from Pintlala this month.  With the club's annual century ride there in a few weeks, we like to create a strong presence in the minds of local drivers, so that they are accustomed to seeing cyclists out and about. We also look for any road hazards that need marking prior to turning 300 or so of our closest pals loose on the course. Today we rode the 36 mile route that I put on MapMyRide some months back. It has something for everyone and you can get a nice workout riding it. The faster group left 30 mins prior to us, and we didn't see them until the very end of our ride as they passed us in the final 2 miles on their way back in. They were indeed cooking along. Our ride started out too briskly for me, but after I got all my perkiness out, I settled down and just enjoyed the ride. The others were quicker, but we re connected a number of times along the way. I always ride 13 - 15 mph avg, and today ended up with 36+ miles at 14.2 mph. Very normal for me.

The air was calm today, and as humid as it is, a breeze would have actually been a plus. Except for when Michelle tried to figure out how her new pepper spray worked. With the recent emails to the list on unruly dogs causing or nearly causing accidents, she went out and got equipped. She was telling me about it and happened to mention that they sold 2 types, a mist and a spray, and she got the spray, but she wasn't sure how it worked. I reminded her of the time that she pulled out a never-used-before CO2 kit and instead of filling her tire, she froze the grass. Here she is "showing" me the pepper spray.

Uhh, Michelle, could you NOT point that thing my way?  So, she goes off to the side and undoes the safety and shoots it. It's a MIST, and I'm thinking, "please Lord, NO wind!!"   We did get a few dogs later, but I don;t think the spray came out. I was trailing the other riders by then (so what else is new?) and just pedaled hard right AT the dogs, growling at them. They could tell I was ready to sacrifice my body in order to put a hurting on them, and they ran away! At least that's how I choose to remember the story.

We took a rest at Mt. Carmel church and then proceeded on to the antiques store in Sellers on 331. It backs up to Boyd Springs Rd, so you can miss it (as Tim did in fact, last time we rode here) if you are not paying attention. The store has a pair of coolers and we cleaned them out of Gatorade. They also have indoor plumbing, which is handy when you need it.

In addition to Michelle, here are Peggy, Jim and new rider Anthony. College Professor Tim is smart enough NOT to stand in the Sun on a hot day. He extended the same courtesy to another turtle, stuck out on the roadway. As before, he stopped, dismounted and carried the critter to the grass shoulder. I never know if it's the side which the animal was hoping to be on or not..

and here's a close up of Anthony

So there you have it. I took the mustache handlebar bike today and it was very comfy with 37 mm Contis on and did not affect my pace in the slightest.  Looking forward to a casual ride tomorrow if the weather holds.


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