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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rain Would be Good

After a cold winter and chilly/rainy Spring, Summer has been unrelentingly hot and fairly dry. While afternoon T-Storms have cris crossed the state, they have so far avoided my yard. Hence it's dry and sere look. Hope springs eternal though. Even as I write this entry (While SVR plays"Little Wing" on Youtube in the background.) a mass of white thunderheads is visible to the East. The heat has not however stopped us from riding. Yet.

Today's original plan was for me to head 2 1/2 hr NE to Franklin Ga and ride in the Blazing Saddles Century. I got up at 2 AM to make the trip (1hr time zone change, and need to get breakfast en route, as well as change clothes there) So, I went to bed at 8 PM last night and had my usual 6 hr of sleep upon rising. When I got up, I just didn't feel spunky. After a little coffee and some time to fully waken, I affirmed that I was not ready to drive, ride, and drive home on a trip of this scale. Discretion being the better part of valor, as some say, I chose instead to meet our local club down in Pintlala for a 6:30 start. A nice group of people, and I haven't seen them in a while anyway. John C mapped out 33 miles of rollers and that's what we did. A brief ride yes, but the humidity was above 90% and the temp started at 80 and went up from there. It made conditions quite challenging. We hit the ride with gusto and I ended up over 16 avg speed and climbed 1,475'. A few pictures:

Here's the group heading south on CR 19. John C is the one visible from space.

Here, we're engaged in our favorite in ride activity. Resting and eating. You'll notice no one is young. It would be nice to get some kids interested in riding. We may not be fast but we do have some good experiences to share.

After I got home to a very quiet house (Sharon is teaching for 2 weeks in FL and Alex is visiting the love of his life for a week in OK) I cleaned myself up and made lunch, then headed on out into the garage. The Laundry cabinet project generated excess shelving, which I put up in the garage today.

A pretty full day. Tomorrow, after church, despite threats of 102F, I intend to get a little easy ride in as well.


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