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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday in DC

Today's ride was a meet up with a local DC area group, the Oxon Hill Bike Club. 2 members are also on the Rivendell Owners Bunch list, which is how we all connected for this ride. I pedaled from our hotel near the zoo to Arlington Cemetery. I left early being 100% unsure of where I was going and what it might be like along the way. Switching the Garmin to map mode, I found the Rock Creek Bike Parkway Path and took it south. Realizing I would be early, I ambled along so I could take in all the sights and sounds. Even so, I was faster than most of the cars stacked bumper-to-bumper in the late morning rush hour. There are bike paths EVERYwhere around here it seems, and you get where you're going faster on them than by car, and they are FREE to park, while cars are usually not. End of discussion. When I saw something cool, I stopped to snap a pic. (Higher res versions at Flickr. Fullylugged, of course.)

The Lincoln Memorial

The entry to the bridge to Arlington:

The Potomac River:

The headstones at Arlington and the Marine Memorial

Finally, I waited at the Metro stop for Joan and she came by to get me and drive down to Bryans Rd for the club ride. We all signed in at the ride start

And then pedaled off on a great route that was scenic, relaxing and fun.

Joan and Steve were great company. Some pics of us:

All of us have 650B bikes. Steve and I both rode Pascenti Pari-Motos today (38mm) while Joan had Nifty-Swifties (34 mm) on her Bleriot. Steve's Kogswell is nicely decked out with Phil hub wheels, Tubus and V-O racks and other goodies. Nice Berthoud boxy bag too.

We share a taste for hammered honjo fenders (mine are on the Saluki) and other bits here and there.

The ride had a few ups, only one that makes you breathe hard (or downshift, or in my case, both) but was mostly flat. 1/3 of it was on a brand new rail trail that has been nicely executed and well maintained. It would be great to have one like that in Prattville, let me tell you. With the ride to and from the meeting point, I had just over 41 miles today. Sightseeing and riding too!

 We topped it all off with a fine brunch at a working diner in Bryans Road. Randall says this place is like "Happy Days" (Arnold's, I assume) where people come in to gather, chat, read the paper, etc.

Here are Joan, Rabbi (and Tai Chi instructor!) Randall, and Jim. We rehashed the ride, talked about their upcoming club century (they expect up to 600 riders) and so forth. Fun people, hope to see them again.

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Ron-the-Cyclist said...

Enjoyed the pics of DC. I lived and worked in Alexandria, Va years ago and found Rock Creek to be an interesting park.

Ron Wilson

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