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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Champ's BBQ Ride

What a gorgeous day today! 58F at our 8:00 AM start here in Prattville, and climbing during the day to about 84F by the time we got back around 1:00 PM. We did a 70.5 mile trip to Wetumpka, including the Weoka Loop area and stopped for lunch at, anyone? anyone? Buehler? Yes, Ben Stein, Champ's BBQ. It was just Frank and Ray and I for the whole trip. Joe was at the parking lot, but had "issues." Compare this picture with the one from last week's post, and see if you can find all the items that Joe did not bring to the ride today.

Despite offers to replace the items, he decided his mood was ruined and he headed back home. Probably to cheer himself up by watching the Alabama - South Carolina game. How did that go, Joe?

The ride was generally excellent with a mix of flat and hilly terrain, low humidity and abundant sunshine. I took Louise, the Rambouillet today. I also rode in un-padded wool shorts today and liked it much better on a comfy leather Selle Anatomica saddle. My legs were sore from an attempt at running last night. I say attempt because I didn't get far. It's funny how running and riding use different muscles. So, I'll probably sneak out early tomorrow and try again to make it all the way around the block at a trot. MapMyRide and Google Maps both had an error on the route. They showed a side road crossing of the Coosa River, but such a pathway does not exist, clearly marked "Dead End" by the D.O.T.  Instead, we dropped down to AL 14 for a mile, crossed and returned to quiet side roads. Some of the roads we encountered in the 20 ish mile Weoka loop area were very coarse. Although I let air out of my 28 mm Contis (from 116 down to 85 psi) the ride was still harsher than say, Pari-Motos would be. We got past those sections and the rest of the time the tires were good. No one had a flat today, despite the time we spent on the shoulder and along the lane edges. No camera today, as I traveled light. Avg pace was just under 16 today which is decent for me and why I needed two Advils upon returning home.

We all agreed that Champ's is recommended eating. On US 231 in Wetumpka, about 3 miles north of the AL 14 Bypass.


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