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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Prattville iROBs

That's Internet Rivendell Owner's Bunch, to everyone else.

  Just a short post today. Frank (Bilenky) Ron (Blackhawk classified two wheeled apparatus) and Curtis (Still repping for the largest bike maker in the USA) met Joe's newest best pal, Sam Hillborne, today for a 33 miler in a brisk wind, but bright sunshine. Gorgeous bike, and the paint looks way better in person than in pictures. It is deeper and redder than it shows. Joe has also made the leap from spandex to comfortable shorts too.

So far, he likes the bike a lot. We both are running Pari-Moto tires, his at 70 psi and mine at 60. That must be why, as I was cranking along at 22 mph, he PASSED me doing at least 25. I take solace knowing that my tires were more "supple" over the bumps. NOT. I should add that this was in the tailwind portion of the ride. So the population of RBW owners in our little neck of the woods has just doubled, as far as we know.

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