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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

It's been kind of a very full week on a number of fronts. On Tuesday, FedEx came and took the '95 ("pre-production!") Rivendell Road Standard frame and fork to be painted at Airglow Bicycle Painting. I've exchanged a couple of emails with THE painter (as he describes himself) Hill Clarke, and settled on the color scheme and details. It's an expensive proposition of course, but less than 1/3 of what this frame would cost new today, and it will have a better than new finish on it when it comes back. I spent a good bit of time with de-greaser and a scrubber to clean up the parts group which was taken off the bike prior to shipment. The chain was ready to be replaced, so a new one is ordered. I'll have to see if the cables can be re used. I think the bar tape will stay despite being faded and somewhat worn, but the inside ends will be properly finished. No more black electrician's tape. Tuesday evening, we had a big turn out and a hard ride on the hill training drill. Oh, in between, was work. Busy at the office. One of our projects was damaged by a microburst while it was under construction and we have been scrambling to help the buyer get his insurance claim filed and get the project back on track. I got an email last night in fact, giving the go ahead to replace the wind damaged materials (something like 75 tons of it!). And make it Fast! Right.

The economic non-recovery means that each project has lots of bidders and getting them is tough. Margins remain thin, but somehow we've had enough to get by on. I worked with our sales team this week on proposals for FL, TX, and GA. Maybe we'll hit one or more of them.

We rode again on Thursday, and while my average was a little under 15 mph (on the quick side for me for a hilly course) I was a good mile behind the pack. I'm delighted that enough greyhounds come out that they can challenge each other to a good workout. My own effort level was not lacking and suited me just fine.

I posted today's ride and pedaled from the house to the 7:00 AM rendezvous point where Tom, Joe (got in from Ft. Worth at midnight the night before. Very impressed to see him show up today. And ride well) and Chris "Fish Hook" (the name he got due to the method of flatting he ran into TWICE on group rides with us. He just attracts them.) Fish Hook assured us that Ray was out of town, and I knew Frank was not coming. Someone else spoke up for Steve's plans, and so with all known heads accounted for we shoved off at 5 mins till. As we left the parking lot, I picked up Ron in my rear view mirror. I was going slow enough for him to catch up if he wanted to, and we wended our way. I was leading at 13 - 15 (the advertised range) when they all sailed past me. That's pretty much how it went all day (they sailed past me) but that was okay. We picked up Jeff as we closed in on the second store stop, coming from his house. For the 1st 20 miles, I hung on to the line and we moved along smartly. After the 2d store stop though, I decided to ride my own ride. Jeff asked me a NUMBER of times if I wanted to get on his wheel and catch the others. No thanks. I told him that I ride 4,000 mi a year, have done multi state solo self supported rides into unending headwinds, and just know how to listen to my body and take what the road gives me. And NO Jeff, I don't want a push in the back climbing the hills. We're not Coppi and Bartali or Gaul and Bahamontes. Well, I'm not, anyway. I see nothing wrong with climbing a steady 5% grade at 10 mph. Go faster all you like. Once Jeff and the rest pulled on ahead to really test their wings, I relaxed and just rode my ride.

The Rambouillet was just perfect today. I couldn't order a custom frame that would fit me any better than this bike does. Last night I adjusted the seat a hair, and serviced the front hub. It was as smooth as glass today. I ran the factory recommended 32 mm Pasela TGs tires and at only 75 psi. Very sure footed and smooth over rough stuff. The weather was less perfect. It was overcast, calm and humid early, and blazing sun, hot and head windy late. Neither was optimal, but both were ride-able. Jeff had an explosive flat when a spoke came loose and punctured his tube, but other than that, no one seemed to have any mechanical issues. He was able to ride on the wheel so no bail out phone call was needed.

Today was the first try riding on my new diet. I'm following Sharon's lead on this, and am a babe in the woods on the details, but I went from Atkins to vegetarian. Not a small shift in menu, to be sure. I had no idea how energy levels would work, etc. All, in all, I think it went okay. I still avoid sugary sweets, but just about everything else is different. I'll have to home in on when and how much of what I need to eat pre, during, and post rides.

The metrics for the day: 66.2 mi at 14.8 avg. (1 mph slower than the last outing over this course in April, but certainly right on my average for the 12 metric or longer rides this year) 2,402' of climb. HR was only 129 avg so I wasn't working too hard (plan was to stay in fat burn zone) by design.

Looking forward to Father's Day tomorrow. It's usually the ONE day a year, my son says, "hey Dad, let's get the ball and gloves out and play catch." Maybe this year, he and I and his stepson-to-be can all pedal instead.

From a FaceBook friend's wall : "Remember your son will follow your example, not your advice."
Great observation.

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Janice in GA said...

Happy Father's Day, Bruce!

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