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Monday, June 13, 2011

Off the bike this weekend

Despite perfectly good riding weather, my schedule was completely booked Saturday and Sunday, so no riding. That doesn't mean no calories were expended, or that I missed out on the chance to broil in the Sun. Our son Alex wanted very badly to put a storage shed in his back yard, and we found a kit for one 10' x 12' that suits the slab prior owners put down. The thing has a slew of pieces and a zillion screws, as well as less than perfectly clear instructions, so the going was at times slow. Day one had the sub-assemblies done and the base and mid-wall frames together with wall sheets in at the corners. I went home after a long sweaty day, while he continued on. It wasn't long before he called to tell me that the sheets on the back wall would not overlap correctly at the middle. I gave him what ideas I had, but finally said, "I'll look at it tomorrow after church."

Alex , fiancee Alisha, and her son (4) Kael joined me at church, which was very nice. Kael was very good, and as well behaved as you might expect a 4 yr old to be. Afterwards, I went home, grabbed lunch, changed, mowed our yard and then headed back over to the shed project. Kael has rapidly made himself dear to me, just by being himself. He calls me "Poppy," which is what I called my own favorite grandfather, who is also who we named Alex after. I was also able to talk more with Alisha and am happy to get to know her a little better. Kael generally entertained himself with a train set and cartoons, while Alex and I worked on getting the back wall right. We had to remove 1/2 of the screws which had been installed, and after about 30 minutes of checking dimensions, I was pretty sure the thing had gotten out of square. We adjusted a few things and then it all went back together like it was supposed to, so we proceeded from there.

By the time I left yesterday (about 6 PM), all the walls were up, the gables were on, rafter and roof beams in place and the 1st roof sheet was installed. It's starting to look like a real project, instead of a pile of parts. Alex and I worked well together, swapping off on tasks and sunshine exposure. He didn't seem to mind when my old bones needed a rest or a sip of water. He was also much better able to get down on the ground to install the floor level fasteners. My knees sure don't take to that very well anymore. From here out, Alisha can lend a hand when Alex needs it to finish up, but I can swing by if needed at some point during the week.

The week is not totally devoid of bike news though. My 1995 Rivendell Road Standard frame set is boxed up with a deposit check and will ship off today via FedEx ground to Airglow Painting ( for a freshening up. Pictures of course, when it's done. I've settled on repainting it the same minty blue it came from the Waterford factory with, but with the lugs and fork crown arrow heads and windows done in cream for contrast. Meanwhile, I've been cleaning the drive train which came off it, and will be using a new chain and cables when it goes back together. I'm keeping the scuffed up Brooks bar tape, but will replace the black electrical tape I finished the ends with. Maybe not twine, but perhaps the stuff you see on tennis racquets. The cloth that comes in a Brooks set is useless. It peels off immediately (hence the electricians vinyl tape).

Weather permitting, I'll be pedaling the hills Tuesday and Thursday. See you then!


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