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Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Old Howard 100 report

8 MBC types (that I could identify as such) went to Marion for the 4th edition of the Old Howard. The day was beautiful, and about 290 total riders were there. We were led by the guy in a striped shirt on the high wheeler. Gee, how do you do trackstands on that thing? Judging by how often he was at rest stops before us, I think he supplemented that fixie (no gears on a high wheeler) with his Honda Accord.

Bill and Joe were feeling like manly men today and they finished the 70 mile course an hour before the rest of us. As we sat at refreshments, it became an hour and half wait before we arrived. Kind of like that fish which grew with each retelling of the tale. Cathy was there early with them too. I tell you that gal can ride. She said she only did 50 miles, but who's buying THAT?

Bill and Joe returned to mortal size when Gregg Hartley pulled in from the century ride. The only one wearing our colors on that distance. Good on you! My car mates took out their frustration on me all the way home. What a bunch of comedians!

Okay, seriously, it is great to have friends to do this sort of stuff with, and I met all of them through the club.

There was entertainment along the way as well. In the parking lot, our neighbor said she partied too hard last night. (she's a Birmingham Bicycling Babe, or something like that) and she whipped out a "cleaner in a can" chain kit and proceeded to degrease her bike while still racked on her trunk. What a mess that made! We shared Mike's method with her, and she said it sounded worth a try. What's Mike's method? Show up at the maintenance class next month and find out.

The towns we rolled through, Newbern and Greensboro, were like backgrounds from period movies. Just lovely. Pretty farms along the way too. Rest stops were well stocked and located in pretty places. They were crewed by college sorority and fraternity kids.

Math is not a major offered at Judson, I am pretty sure. The "70" mile ride was actually 65.5 miles. I did it in my usual range of 13 - 15 (14.4 actually) so I was very pleased, and not exhausted when done. This was Robert's 1st organized ride and he had fun. Joe and Bill were debating which of them was more manly. After the ride, Bill and Joe wanted to slip over to the casino and play blackjack. I told them that Sunday school is at 9 tomorrow, and they should be there!

a couple of pictures are avail at my Photobucket album.


See some of you tomorrow at 2:30!

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