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Sunday, April 27, 2008

They're Baaaaaccckkk!!

In what may be a club first, we had beginner rides on back to back Sundays. And Jackie and Clarence were here both times! Jackie made it on time and rode. Clarence missed the boat, but went out anyway, had chain issues, and retreated to the parking lot, where we said "Say Hey!" upon our own return.

What a nice turn out from club regulars! Thanks to Sam, Bill, Brooks, Jack, Trevor for coming out and welcoming new riders. It's good to remember that we were ALL new riders once, and might have trembled at the thought of biking 10 miles. We had new rider Darryl with us, and the Beemer/Lexus/whatever that buzzed us turned out to be Angela wanting in on the ride as well. We pointed her to the Matthews Post Office where she parked and jumped on the paceline as we zipped by. Okay, we were doing about 11 mph, so she just tagged along with us.

I sort of fibbed to Jackie to get her to try a "little different 10 miles" than the flat ride from last week. She was smiling at the end though, when I fessed up to taking her 15 miles on what is basically a Club Lite route. She is a near future Club Lite-er I am sure. Darryl is already at that point, he just needs to show up at one. Angela is into sports too, so she'll be riding miles and miles in no time.

2 of our three new riders today were on mountain bikes. For street use, I suggest you try switching your knobby tires to 1 1/2" semi slicks. You'll have a nicer time on the road. This Panaracer is an excellent choice, and there are many others.

Also, ladies on MTBs, I notice that your water bottles are impossible to get at while riding. Other water bottle options include a Camelback back pack water system, seat or handlebar mounted water bottles, or an adapter to allow you to mount the bottle to the top tube, or seat tube:

An inexpensive tube adapter:

A pricier seat bottle set up.

Tailwinds until next time!

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