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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Begin with Beginners

First, let me say that I learned how to turn on the allow comments feature. Not that anyone had any comments, but there you go.

Second, we had a DOZEN riders turn out for the first beginner ride of the season. Wonderful! We did a controlled 11 mile ride at about 10.5 mph. It is a flat course except for 1 hill midway in each direction. People learned or brushed up on group riding skills, how to select the right gear for a hill, and getting out of the wind when you get tired.

Afterwards, 3 of the riders hung around and we turned in another 16 miles in another hour. That was exercise for me on the fat tire bike, but it felt good nonetheless.

Not quite 100 miles this weekend, but pretty close.

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Anonymous said...

To be fair...I will make your blog my homepage on Netscape and leave Sharon's as my homepage on Internet Explorer. But, as Sharon can tell you, if there is nothing new for a few days, you will hear from me.

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