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Monday, December 29, 2008

Making the Grade

I finished last weekend 107 miles shy of the 3,500 set as my annual goal for the year. The weather here in FL has been conducive to riding, with today being best of all. Almost calm air (reflected in a 13% improvement in average speed) pleasant sunshine and blue, blue skies. Plotting a course of at least 25.4 miles would get me to the finish line.

I did part of Saturday's ride again, enjoying Buckeye Rd once more. I paid more attention to the water filled ditches this time. The round dark shapes in them were, on more careful inspection, rubber, and not reptilian. In fact, I saw no alligators this trip. That is actually a good thing. A couple of locals on knobby tired mountain bikes waved and encouraged me to go faster. They were unacquainted with my riding habits!

Today I went up to Sun City and stopped at the Race Track gas station next to I-75. It was packed with vacationers going or coming. One fellow with a hybrid on the back of his SUV stopped to talk about biking. He's heading to Naples, and I suggested he try Sanibel and Captiva Islands. The traffic in Sun City was thick but most of the way had bike lanes or shoulders to ride on. I stayed off the golf cart paths, which the seniors use. I reasoned my chances were better with the regular traffic :)

It was a nice ride, and I could have gone further, but the Sun was starting to feel a little strong on my neck and arms. 33.2 miles was the distance and the 3,500 mile mark was acheived. This may be the last ride for the year, but I'm off work on 1/1, so we'll start the New Year off right. 1/2 will be quiet at work, so a bike commute is possible, if the weather cooperates. Another good way to start the year. I always advertise my rides in club posts as 13 - 15 avg speed and for the year, it's an overall average of 14.2 mph. I climbed over 118,000' this year as well, and will continue to do hills frequently. I never like the hills, but I do need the work.

Happy 2009 one and all.

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