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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ramer Mosey

After two weekends of mid 30s temps in succession, mid 60s weather today was a welcome early Christmas gift from the universe's Chief Meteorologist. Certainly, it was an opportunity to turn the cranks which was not to be missed. 4 of us were to meet for a Club Lite down at the Pintlala church but Joe couldn't make it. That left Roger (not the club president, the other one. Can we shorten that to "NTCP?" This also stands for "Na/Taurocholate cotransporting polypeptide" but we can keep them straight, can't we?) and Mike, a recent addition to the club to join me on the way.

We had a great ride today. The terrain was its usual interesting rolling self, and we enjoyed the easy pace and free flowing conversation as well. The uphill cruise to Ramer was mostly in calm air. The ride back was okay until we turned west from Hobbie Rd into what had become a stiff breeze. Especially coming off the open fields. Cedric (at the store) tried to tell us that it was all downhill, but we are not just off the boat yesterday! It did smell wonderfully in the store, as someone was making an entree for a later lunch festivity. Somehow Roger wrangled an invite to come back and join the lunch down in Ramer. I like that about him, he looks for interesting and unusual persepectives on our common condition. Roger, hope you'll tell us how it went.

Not much dog activity and traffic was light. I pointed out the club ride landmarks to Mike: The Day Lily House (no flowers now of course) the Blue house, the German Shepherd house. Also, someone's favorite tree, off the corner of Smiley Ferrry & East Hickory Grove. You never know when that sort of info comes in handy.

I got to know Mike better on the trip too. He's good people. Sadly, when his wife the Major finishes the class they are here for, who knows where Uncle Sam will dispatch them next? That's been the biggest adjustment for me, coming to the Montgomery area. Many of the people that I have really come to enjoy riding with, and wanted to spend more time with end up getting transferred out of the area. The military people are used to it and deal with it pretty well.

When it got pretty windy, I said to Roger, "don't you think the young guy should get out front and pull?" Mike looked around, "which one of us is the young guy?" he asked. It's you Mike, by a LOT :) Of course, when he got out front, those peppy YOUNG legs dropped us old foggies in a heartbeat.

And lest you worry dear reader, that the weather threw me a wardrobe curve, be assured that it did not. Wool everywhere: jersey, shorts, and socks, and I was very comfy all the way through.

We ended up with approx 35 miles in 2:25. It was just about perfect for not quite in shape riders with a free morning to go out and ride. When the bad weather moves through here tomorrow, we'll be glad that we got this ride in.

Just a few more days left in the year and I am 107 miles shy of my annual goal. CAN I DO IT? I'll let you know :)


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