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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day, 2008

I got in a little ride today, after church. Just 21 miles. I intended to take a leisurely stab at some hills, and threw some particularly steep climbs into the mix. When I got to the fountain downtown to wash the salt out of my eyes, and restore some sense of vision, I noticed a purple wall to the east, in the area I would normally be headed. A quick shifting of mental gears had the bike headed back the way I came, skirting the storm on the south side. At the hill top on Doster Rd, I stopped and put on a rain jacket and continued on. By now, the approaching storm was putting out some serious wind. While it was cooling, it also slowed me from 15 to 10 mph, and that in a full tuck to minimize the area taking the air. Passing the post office on Greystone Ln, the rains came and the last two miles were pretty wet, mixed with a little bit of might have been sleet. By the time I made it home, I was thoroughly exercised. No leisure about it!

While I was out, Alex mowed the yard, which was very much appreciated. As I type this, the BBQ is warming up and steaks are in my immediate future. I have to say though, that I am blessed with a son who treats me like it's Father's Day most of the days of the year. My own dad and I did not get along well (he died in 1996). I was never blameless in all that, but he was very self centered and not particularly honest with me, or anyone else. It is such a delight to have a far better relationship with my own son than I had when I was a son. I've learned to look back at my dad with more forgiving eyes, but there was still a lot lacking there.

Last weekend, Alex (who has no love of any sport) came out to the backyard with 2 softball gloves and a ball, and offered to play catch with me. He's going on 21, and he knows that I enjoy throwing a ball. He did it for all the best reasons. That was probably the best Father's day gift I've ever had. And it was a week early. The two of us sat in the garage last night and watched the rains for a while while we chewed on the world's problems. That was good times as well. He also replaced the cracked hose reel in the back yard and added 2 sprinklers. I dink around in the yard after work most nights. He notices things like that. Back when it looked like I was doing a May bike tour in PA, he and Sharon collaborated on a small digital camera for me as an early Father's Day gift. That is where all the pictures for this blog have come from, btw. So I am well taken care of for Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day to all of you to whom it applies. May you each find joy in the love of sons and fathers.

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