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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just a Quick note

Regular campadre Frank, new guy Tim, and I did 23 ish miles and 1,200'+ of climb in mid 90s temps tonight after work. It was a super ride. Great work out. Started out slow and warmed up the legs before cranking hard. That always pays a dividend. It felt easier tonight than the route has before. Maybe just compared with Saturday's effort? Didn't ride faster than usual, just felt better. Not hurting is nice :)
Cecil at work has been riding a Trek 7300 Hybrid ever since I passed along my old Trek Navigator 200 to his wife Ara Jo. That was my 1st real bike, and they started out taking evening rides together. Cecil is now ready for a sloped design road bike, thinking of a Pilot 5.2. I feel like an evangelist whose witness is bearing fruit!

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