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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Problem with Wal-Mart Parking Lots

is that they are full of Wal-Mart shoppers. These people CANNOT drive. My only irritating moments with cars tonight occurred in the parking lot pre and post ride.

Robert and I were it tonight, but we had a fine ride anyway. The air was a bit cooler than it has been, there was a light breeze. At first it was in our faces as we pulled out. Naturally, it died to dead calm when we turned and should have had it at our backs. Robert agreeably let me set the pace tonight. Which is to say that I pulled for 18 1/2 of our 20 miles. That worked out fine and he COULD have pulled out ahead if he so desired. After his Patty-training this weekend, I think the idea of a relaxing, non pace line ride had some appeal for him.

The backs of my knees were sore after the weekend rides, and I was off the bike, save the couple of around the block miles that I do every night, for three whole days. I was sure that my legs had atrophied from non use and that the slightest rise in the road would be insurmountable. When we reached the first climb, I crossed my fingers mentally and pushed on the pedals. Surprise! They turned. How is it that cyclists get such a distorted perspective of their true physical condition sometimes?

We ran the route backwards, which I've said before is my preference, and there was some initial traffic as workaday types sped home or to the store. I told Robert that it would clear up a mile or so after we turned onto CR 7. At about mile marker 10, he asked me if we had gone that mile yet. "Military Mile!" I said. "It's a special type of mile, and we're almost there." I'd rather deal with traffic when I am strong and fresh, than when I am tired and less in control.

Every battery powered (the annoying little yappy ones) dog in the county was out tonight and we yelled at a number of them. I'd seen some pictures today of trashed forks from squirrels running into a bike's front wheel while in motion, and I didn't want a dog to do that. The busted forks were all carbon, and the wheels low spoke count. I have steel forks and 32 spoke wheels, so I'm pretty safe. I'd rather not find our for sure though by having a critter ram me from the side.

We finished the ride in the advertised range of pace. (20 miles in 1:21) We climbed a lot too.

Now that I know the 3 day layoff was not cycling fatal, look for me on Saturday on a county road near you..


denisemouse said...

Hey! I shop at Walmart. And I think I drive just fine, thank you very much. lol ;P

Fully Lugged said...

Uhhh, I've SEEN you drive Denise. Why do you think Joe's hair went all gray?

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