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Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Wooly Week

Ding! The auction bell sounded and I found myself the winner on eBay of a vintage wool Castelli jersey for $22. Since a new wool cycling jersey is about $135, I am pleased. Time will tell if the seller's choice of "excellent" to describe the condition is accurate. Or even if the word "wool" actually applies. The postal carrier delivered the 1st pair of wool biking shorts I've ever had. I've been sitting on the fence about this forever, but finally ordered one, no chamois, and knee length inseam so it will be good into the cooler weather as well. I may not be riding a lot this week, but I am getting the stuff for it anyway. Yes, the Joneswares wool shorts were very comfortable on a test ride last night.

The eventful week at work continues. Our 1st shift saw operator sliced off 2 fingers yesterday morning. He said he hit the wrong switch by accident. He mean to unclamp a vise holding the cut piece, but instead started up the saw while his hand was still on the just finished part. Ouch. Our call to 911 was responded to by a hook and ladder truck, two fire dept pick up trucks and a fire dept paramedic vehicle. Later, a regular ambulance carried him away to the hospital, once the medics had seen to his immediate needs. There was a fair amount of blood and I credit our trained 1st aid people on staff who kept things from getting worse until the 911 call was answered (in about 10 mins. The response was really pretty good) A couple of important conference calls, and an influx of new work needing to be properly chewed and digested so that it can be passed on to the proper people for the next steps. We're glad to have the new work, btw. It's a bit like going from being thirsty to trying to drink from a fire hose though. Steel prices have risen over 100% since the end of last year (watch for cars, appliances, etc to all start going up, if they haven't already) and getting customers to take their buildings on schedule, so they can avoid more price hikes is tough. People are not used to thinking that the building materials might be a driving force on schedule. They always have considered site condition and erector availability issues. Steel is about 60% of the cost of a metal building (there are labor, overhead, and accessory item
costs also), so if that doubles, the building cost goes up proportionally.

Buddy Jeff is due over today to pick up the 1959 Jack Taylor tandem he has been storing in my garage. And a wheelset that I would sort of like to have a spare, but really don't need to spend the $ on right now. We'll grab some dinner and he'll be interested in all the wool stuff. I'll be interested to hear his take on politics, Floyd Landis and pharmaceutical enhancement charges, and so much more.

Time to go to work, so see ya'all soon.

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